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You can help our students succeed through our Campus Banner project. This is an excellent visibility opportunity for you and your business. Your banner flies on campus for 12 months and is seen by over 30,000 students, plus thousands of faculty, staff, family members and vendors who visit our campus each year. This is surely one of the best marketing opportunities in Glendale.                                                            


Campus Banner Project form (pdf)

Year after year, exciting designs have been created in vibrant colors, highlighting what is great about Glendale College. The 2017-18 design will be no exception.

So please take a moment to fill out the donation opportunity form below and join the many individuals and businesses in support of Glendale Community College.Thanks in advance of your support.

Steve Wilder, Foundation President
Pat Crouch, Immediate Past President

COMMITMENT DATE: January 26, 2018


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