Naming Opportunities

Garfield campus, Library, San Gabriel plaza
Main Campus Building Naming Opportunities

Lab College Services (New Building) $2.5M
Library $1.5M
San Rafael  $1M
San Gabriel $1M
Theater $1M
Advanced Technology
(Welding, Machine Shop, Electronics, Robotics, Architecture)
Camino Real (Physical Sciences) $500,000
Arroyo Seco (Chemistry & Math)      $500,000
Planetarium $500,000
Elevator Clock Tower & Courtyard $200,000
Dance $200,000
Small Theater $150,000
Main Campus Room Naming Opportunities  
Nursing Simulation Lab (#S338)
Patio Area (South of Bhupesh Parikh Building)
Nursing Lecture Room $100,000
Chemistry Lab/Exhibit Area (CS173) $100,000
Chemistry Prep Room (AS209) $100,000
Science Exhibit Area (CS173)
Media Arts Lab (SC328) $100,000
Marine & Majors Biology Lab  
Mathematics Computer Lab (SG379) 
Human Anatomy Lab (SG201) $35,000
Biology Lab $35,000
Herpetarium (Multi-Purpose Lab-AG206) $25,000
Biology Prep Room (SG207) $25,000
Classrooms (various) $10,000
Offices (various) $7,500
Garfield Campus Naming Opportunities  
Garfield Campus
Mariposa Building
Tropico Building $300,000
Community Room $200,000
Garden/Patio $150,000
Labs $35,000
Classroom $10,000
Office $7,500

We appreciate those who have already contributed and welcome your consideration for these and other naming opportunities.

For further information, call Lisa Brooks at (818) 551-5196 or e-mail