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CALDANI, PATRICIA Biology Division
CALDERONE, ERINSN 100-5 Kinesiology Division ext. 5644
CAMARGO, DANTE ESL Credit Division
CAMP, K.C.SG 108 Business Division, Student Services Division, Computer Applications and Business Office Technologies, DSPS - IAC (Instructional Assistance Center) ext. 5585
CAMPBELL, FRANCES Garfield Campus MP 309Computer Labs - Garfield Campus, Continuing Education ext. 1377
CANCELLA, JOSEPHHealth CenterHealth Center, Health Services ext. 5191
CANELA, MARISELAAD 151 / SV, 3rd Floor Student Services Division, Counseling (Academic), Workforce Development/Career & Technical Education ext. 5847
CARD, CATHERINEAU 213 Visual & Performing Arts Division, Music ext. 3057
CARDENAS, TROYLB 217 English Division
CARDONA, RAFAELSR 339 Business Division, Business Administration ext. 3585
CARR, LYNNGarfield Campus ESL Noncredit Division
CARRASCO, LINDASV 355Financial Aid ext. 5876
CARRASCO, MAYBOLL Social Sciences Division, Political Science
CARRASCO, OPHELIAGarfield Campus TR 300-GCalWORKs ext. 5684
CARRERA, VICTOR Kinesiology Division, Athletics
CARRILLO, DIANASF 121DSPS - IAC (Instructional Assistance Center) ext. 5351
CARRILLO, DIANECDC Social Sciences Division, Child Development ext. 5665
CARROLL, JOHN Physical Science Division, Oceanography
CARTHEW, NEILSM 153Police ext. 5205
CASEY, CHRISTOPHER L.AA 106 Technology & Aviation Division, Administration of Justice
CASON, MEGHANLB, 3rd FLLibrary ext. 5577
CASTEL DE ORO, JAMESSV 319 Student Services Division, EOPS - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services ext. 5572
CASTELLANOS, VICTOR AT 106 Technology & Aviation Division ext. 5326
CASTRO, MARTA Business Division
CELIS, ALBERTOHS 222Facilities ext. 6614
CERVANTES, ANGEL Social Sciences Division, History(818) 388-9303
CHAHAYED, LISA Language Arts Division, ASL
CHAMRAS, SEVADACS 185 Physical Science Division, Chemistry, Division Chair ext. 5630
CHAMROONRAT, PATRICIAAD 212Communications and Community Relations ext. 5732
CHANDLER, JUNECommunity Services Education
CHANG, HSIAO YING Mathematics Division, Mathematics
CHAUCA, FIORELLA Language Arts Division, Spanish
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