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FALCON, MICHAELLB 217 English Division
FALKOWSKI, BARBARACR 147 Physical Science Division, Astronomy, Physics, Planetarium ext. 3132
FALLAHI, EDWINGarfield Campus ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education
FARIAS, CRISTIAN Mathematics Division
FARR, JEANETTEAU 106-C Visual & Performing Arts Division, Theatre Arts ext. 5636
FARWELL, TANNERSF 109 Kinesiology Division, Athletics, Kinesiology, Physical Education ext. 3030
FEJTEK, STELASG 112 Student Services Division, DSPS - IAC (Instructional Assistance Center) ext. 5413
FELDMAN, ANDREWSV 261 Technology & Aviation Division, Culinary Arts, Nutrition, and Hospitality & Tourism ext. 3256
FELIZ, DAVID ESL Credit Division
FERGUSON, SANDRALife Skills Building Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning
FERGUSON, STEPHANY Health Sciences Division, Nursing
FERGUSON, TIMOTHY Mathematics Division, Mathematics
FERGUSON, TOMAT 223 Technology & Aviation Division, Engineering ext. 3038
FERGUSON, VINCENT Mathematics Division, Mathematics
FERNANDEZ-PRESA, ROCIOMain Campus ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education
FINE, RICHARD Mathematics Division, Mathematics
FISHMAN, ROBYNSR 356 Social Sciences Division, History ext. 5490
FLEXSER, TERRYAD 116Accounting ext. 5213
FLORES, CARLOSFacilities ext. 5323
FLORES, CELIAFacilities ext. 5323
FLORES, CYNTHIALB 206 English Division ext. 3122
FLORES, LUIS Business Division, Computer Science Information Systems
FLORES, SILVESTREHS 2nd FLFacilities ext. 5555
FLYNN, BARBARALife Skills Building Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education, Parent Education CE ext. 5671
FLYNN, JACK Business Division, Real Estate
FOGELMAN, NICOLESV, 3rd Floor Student Services Division, Career Center
FOJO HICKS, MARIASV 365Assessment ext. 5869
FONAROW, WENDY Social Sciences Division, Anthropology ext. 3949
FONG, JULIAAD 118Accounting ext. 5133
FOONG-CHONG, KIMSG 370 Mathematics Division, Mathematics ext. 5651
FOUTCH, KRISTEL Health Sciences Division
FOYER, MATTAU 106-D Visual & Performing Arts Division, Theatre Arts