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GABAGAT, ETHELHS 322 Health Sciences Division, Nursing ext. 5840
GAGO, JAVIERSG 214 Biology Division, Baja Field Studies ext. 5369
GALADJIAN, HELENAD, 1st floorHuman Resources ext. 5843
GALLAGHER, PATRICE Business Division, Computer Applications and Business Office Technologies
GALVAN, ROSARIOGarfield Campus MP 211 Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education, Student Success Center
GAMBERG, JULIESV 240 English Division ext. 5345
GARAGLIANO, SAMANTHASV 211 Language Arts Division, Speech ext. 3529
GARAY, EGIDIOSV269Political Science
GARCIA, ANTHONYSM 267 Student Services Division, Dream Scholarships, Student Equity ext. 5810
GARCIA, ELIZABETHSN 100 - 2 Kinesiology Division ext. 3527
GARCIA, JESSE (JESUS) Kinesiology Division, Kinesiology
GARCIA, JOSE Mathematics Division, Mathematics
GARCIA, LUISHealth CenterHealth Center, Health Services ext. 5191
GARCIA, STEVEHS 222Facilities ext. 6614
GARDNER, GLENNSG 223 ESL Credit Division, Division Chair ext. 5510
GARIBYAN, NARESV, 3rd Floor Student Services Division, Counseling (Academic) ext. 5918
GARRETT, FAYE Business Division, Accounting (Academic)
GASPARYAN, GOHARAD 118Accounting ext. 5131
GAYNOR, MEGHANLB, 3rd FloorLibrary ext. 5577
GEE, YOUNGSG 219 ESL Credit Division ext. 3045
GELLERT, ROBERTSG 231 Physical Science Division, Chemistry ext. 5745
GERZ, JOHNCR 149 (inside of CR 147) Physical Science Division, Physics ext. 5354
GETZ, MARILYNHS 320 Health Sciences Division, Nursing ext. 5831
GETZ, MICHAEL Biology Division
GEVORKIAN, MONIQUE Language Arts Division, Speech
GHAHRAMANYAN, ALLASG 317 Mathematics Division, Mathematics ext. 5653
GHANBARY, HASMIKAD 117Business Services ext. 5125
GHANNOUM, RIMAGarfield Campus Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division
GHARABETIAN, SILVAGarfield Campus TR 200 ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education ext. 5033
GHARIBI, LINETTESG 311 Mathematics Division, Mathematics ext. 3586
GHARIBIAN, HILDASG 210A Biology Division ext. 5370
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