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RAFII, ROXANNESV 320 Student Services Division, EOPS - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services ext. 1561
RAGONIG, MARKLB 113ITS ext. 5587
RAIMONDO, KRISTAGarfield Campus ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education
RAMIREZ, ALFREDGarfield Campus TR 300-PContinuing Education ext. 5018
RAMIREZ JAVIER, ODILON Mathematics Division, Mathematics
RAMIREZ SAELAK, MICHELLE ANN HS 312 Health Sciences Division, Nursing ext. 5724
RAMON, MARICELAAD 1st FloorHuman Resources ext. 5173
RAMOS, HAZELSR 359 Social Sciences Division, History ext. 5758
RAMOS, NELSON Mathematics Division
RANCHEZ, DANNYHS 319 Health Sciences Division, Nursing ext. 5830
RANDEL, MELISSAAU 106-B Visual & Performing Arts Division, Theatre Arts ext. 3220
RANGEL, AMYAU 118 Visual & Performing Arts Division, Music
RAVVA, AMARLB 217 English Division
RAZ, JULIA Language Arts Division, Mass Comm
REDMAN, JUDY HS 331 Health Sciences Division, Alcohol and Drug Studies
REED, MICHAELSan Rafael 357 Social Sciences Division, Geography ext. 5460
REESER, PAOLASG 344 Visual & Performing Arts Division, Photography ext. 5382
REFF, BRIANSV 264 Technology & Aviation Division, Culinary Arts, Nutrition, and Hospitality & Tourism, Hospitality & Tourism Mgt (see Culinary) ext. 1497
REGLI, PETEGarfield Campus Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education
REINER, CHRISTINEAD 117Business Services ext. 5120
RESLAN, RANDA Physical Science Division, Chemistry
REYES, TONIHealth CenterHealth Center, Health Services ext. 5190
RHEINGANS, BRIAN Business Division, Computer Applications and Business Office Technologies
RHODES, KARA ESL Credit Division
RIBEIRO, MARIAHSV 391 Student Services Division, International Students ext. 5434
RIBISI, LYNHS 2ND FLCentral Receiving, Facilities ext. 5553
RICHER, MARGARETGarfield Campus ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education, Division Chair ext. 5811
RICKMAN, TRACY Technology & Aviation Division, Fire Technology
RIDGWAY, RACHELCR 142 Physical Science Division, Oceanography ext. 5768
RIEDEL, ISABELALB 217 English Division
RIPPEL, KATHERINE Social Sciences Division, Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Social Science
RISH, MEREDITHLife Skills Building Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning
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