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Student Information for Internships

The Business Division Internship program is for Glendale Community College Business Division Students who have completed significant coursework here at the college and require an internship for completion of their degree or certificate.

For questions, please contact: Arpi Amirian at


(A) Your internship must be relevant to the BUSINESS Certificate/Degree you are receiving at GCC, for example if you are working towards a Medical Front Office Certificate, your internship must be with a professional medical office. 

(B) Only Glendale Community College business students are eligible to enroll in BUSAD 50 or CABOT 50 for Internship credit

(C) GCC Business Students are eligible to enroll and complete the course only once.

If you meet the above requirements and before you come to the Internship Orientation, please perform these tasks:

Before your internship begins

1) You will need to find an internship, before you enroll for the class.

Credit Units / Hours Worked

You may earn 1 or 2 units of credit for this course. Per the Title V California Code of Educational Regulations for Community Colleges, credit is given for work experience as follows-

To Receive:

You must work:

1 Credit Unit

60 hours if unpaid

70 hours if paid

2 Credit Unit

120 hours if unpaid

150 hours if paid

Enrollment Process

1) Business Division students should enroll in either BUSAD Internship 50, or CABOT Internship 50 depending on their certificate/degree.

2) MUST attend orientation.

*If you can’t attend the Orientation you must email the instructor and schedule an individual meeting.

At the Orientation, be prepared to provide the following:

a. Your Major/Certificate
b. Name of Company you will be Interning at
c. Name of Company Supervisor you will be working under
d. Phone/e-address of Supervisor
e. Business Card from your place of employment
f. Number of credit hours you plan to attain
g. Fill Out the following forms: (downloadable below)

i. Student Application
ii. Learning Objectives*
iii. Internship Agreement

These three (3) documents need to be filled out and
signed by the immediate supervisor/authority of the
organization to be added to the course immediately.

*Remember that learning objectives are not a listing of
your job description, but the knowledge and skills you hope
to gain during your Internship.


3) You will be assigned a Faculty Advisor at that time who will work with you to complete your Internship requirements.

4) Also download the following documents below to bring to the Orientation:

iv. Internship Syllabus
v.  Time Sheet
vi. Internship Evaluation


Links to Internship Forms (PDF):

Student Internship Application

Internship Agreement

Internship Learning Objectives

Internship Time Sheet

Internship Evaluation