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A Message from the English Division

Our faculty and staff are a dynamic group of innovative educators with diverse interests. Some of our specialties include teaching with technology, creative writing publications, world literature, pedagogical research, and film analysis.

We offer exciting programs in the fields of CompositionReading, LiteratureCreative Writing, and the Humanities. Our courses help students achieve their educational goals by enhancing students’ critical thinking skills through the practice of writing and reading. Our division offers a wide array of courses to serve a wide array of students - from those seeking transfer to four-year universities to students striving to obtain occupational training to lifelong learners hoping to enrich their lives through education.

The GCC English Division also offers many valuable student support services. The Learning and Writing Center offers free one-on-one tutoring sessions for GCC students, while the friendly English lab staff provides students with access to computer technology crucial for successful research and essay writing. Freshmen entering GCC for the first time can benefit from the Freshman Seminar Program which pairs composition or ESL courses with Student Development 101, a class that maximizes student study skills. Finally, English majors are encouraged to participate in the English Majors Transfer Program, the English Club, and the Faculty-Student Book Club.

The English Division chair is Sarah McLemore, who can be reached at the English Division Office in Library 215 Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by phone at (818) 240-1000, extension 5606.

The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power