English 3rd Attempt Program


The English 3rd Attempt program is designed for students who are attempting to retake any English or Humanities class here at GCC for the third time. Its purpose is to provide students with the support and services they need, to help them pass the course for the third and final attempt at GCC.

In order to receive approval from the English division to retake the course for a third time, participation in the program is MANDATORY.

Students must first attend an orientation to receive approval to add the course and participate in the program.

Contact Information:

Gabriel Gomez (English 3rd Attempt Program Coordinator)
Email: ggomez@glendale.edu
Phone ext. 5503

Jennifer Villarreal (English 3rd Attempt Program Counselor)                                                     Email: jvillarreal@glendale.edu                                                                                         Fall 2019 Office Hours                                                                                              Tuesdays 9 AM -7 PM (Sierra Vista 365A)                                                                      Thursday 9 AM - 7 PM (Administration 2017)

English Division Office LB 215 ext. 5606