Credit ESL Division

Welcome Message from the Division Chair

Hello and welcome to the Credit ESL Homepage.  Credit ESL offers five levels of grammar and writing, five levels of listening and speaking, four levels of reading, and two levels of spelling classes.

Here at GCC, students need to take the Credit ESL Placement Test.  The results of this test will place you into the appropriate levels in Credit ESL courses.

You can reach the Division Chair, Glenn Gardner, via email at ggardner@glendale.edu or by phone at 818-240-1000 ext. 5510 and the Administrative Assistant, Luisa Salazar, at lsalazar@glendale.edu or by phone at 818-240-1000 ext. 5511. 

You can look at our courses, our current Class Schedule, or the Credit ESL Lab Schedule. ESL / Language Lab If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at: ggardner@glendale.edu  

If you’re interested in becoming a Glendale College International Student (F-1 Visa), please contact the International Student Office at: gcciso@glendale.edu, 818-240-1000 ext. 5439, or 818-240-1000 ext. 6645. You can also find information about our program at the following link: www.glendale.edu/international.

Professor Gardner
Chair, Credit ESL Division