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Physical Education at GCC

Physical Education is an essential part of the general education process at Glendale College. Its mission is to provide opportunities for students to gain experience in and knowledge of physical fitness concepts; to develop healthful living practices that promote lifelong wellness; to acquire skills in sport activities; to gain exposure to competitive and performance activities; and to implement appropriate stress-reduction techniques. Research continues to demonstrate the relationship between exercise and such areas as: longevity, health and wellness, fitness, stress management and academic success. Most physical education courses offered by the division carry transferable credit to the CSU system and most other four-year colleges and all meet AA. and A.S. degree requirements.

The Kinesiology Division/Physical Education Department offers a wide variety of activities to meet the varied interests of the Glendale College student. Two units of physical education are required in order to be eligible for the Associate in Arts and/or the Associate in Science degree. Students currently enrolled in the Registered Nursing Program are exempt from the PE graduation requirement. Individuals may be exempt from the physical education requirement upon presentation of evidence that they have a medical excuse on file.

Lifestyle Fitness Center and Weight Lab