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The mission of the Math Discovery Center is to provide a positive learning environment and academic assistance to all Glendale Community College students enrolled in Math courses, thereby empowering them to become independent learners as they pursue their academic goals.


You are eligible to use the services of the Math Discovery Center if you are currently enrolled in any of mathematics courses offered at Glendale Community College.

Academic Assistance

The Math Discovery Center offers all eligible GCC students academic assistance by providing an equipped facility with available drop-in tutoring, DVD collection, and computer software.

Drop-in Tutoring

The Math Discovery Center hires, trains, and schedules tutors to maintain at least one tutor on duty for every hour the center is open so that any eligible student can have access to a tutor. “Drop-in” means that no appointment is necessary to visit the Math Discovery Center. Since the tutor on duty must help as many students as possible, drop-in tutoring refers to having a limited tutoring session with the tutor, generally lasting between three to five minutes. Furthermore, our tutors are trained to assist students by guiding them through the learning process thereby keeping the tutee in charge of their learning. In other words, please do not expect our tutors to solve a problem for you, rather expect them to provide suggestions as to how “you” can solve the problem.

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Topics: Basic Math, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics.

Computer Software

The Math Discovery Center has 58 computer terminals (PCs) for math activities such as Internet research or computer assisted instruction. Software is available for the following math courses: Basic Math, Elementary & Intermediate Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics. Scientific Notebook Journey to Calculus, Excel (with Analysis ToolPak), Mathematica, and Geogebra are also available as tools for a wide range of math courses.


The Math Discovery Center is currently operated by the GCC Mathematics Division and is under the leadership of a steering committee. The daily operations of the center are supervised and managed by two Senior Instructional Computer Lab Technicians. The scheduled tutors are student workers and faculty members of Mathematics department.

Tutor Training

Student tutors are required to attend an initial training session followed by monthly workshops where tutoring topics are addressed. Such topics include rules, policies, procedures, and tutorial strategies. The workshops are also designed to provide support and stimulate teamwork.

Tutor Selection

Math instructors recommend students to become tutors if they demonstrate a potential and desire to tutor. A sub-committee then interviews and selects the tutors for the beginning of each academic year. Having successfully completed Math 103 (first semester calculus) and enrollment at Math 104 is a desirable qualification when selecting tutors. Students interested in becoming tutors can request an application from the Math Discovery Center office.