We now offer Math 90 and Math 30 in a new modular format.


Each of Math 90 and Math 30 is broken down into three 2 units pieces, each offered in an 8-week format.  The first 8-weeks the student would take Math 90AB or Math 30AB, then Math 90CD or Math 30CD (respectively) the second 8-weeks, and Math 90EF or Math 30E (respectively) the third 8 weeks (ideally during Summer or Winter session).  Each modular course will cover about a third of the course material. 


THESE ARE NOT SELF-PACED COURSES, these are regular lecture/lab courses.  Students must attend the scheduled class meetings and will cover the material at the pace determined by the instructor.


If a student takes Math 90AB or Math 30AB during the first 8-weeks, Math 90CD or Math 30CD during the second 8-weeks and Math 90EF or Math 30E during the Summer/Winter, they will complete the Math 90 or Math 30 material in time to take the transfer level class the following full-length semester.


It is possible for a student in Math 90/90+ or Math 30/30+ to “drop down” into the respective new Modular course during the same semester. Students should discuss this with their instructor and/or counselor.


If a student has successfully completed               Math 219A  they take  Math 90AB

                                                                        Math 219B                  Math 90CD

                                                                        Math 219C                  Math 90EF

                                                                        Math 220A                  Math 90EF.