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The self-paced program is an alternative to a formal, lecture-based classroom experience. Self Paced Math courses are lab courses in which students work independently with online interactive software, video lectures and a dedicated tutor to complete the material. Students enroll in one unit at a time and progress at their own pace, utilizing the many resources available in the lab. Students can complete one unit or as many as nine units, depending on how quickly they progress through the material. Self-paced  math students must fulfill the following class requirements during the fall or spring semester:
  • Briefly meet with their instructor each week during the scheduled time period of the class
  • Complete at least 6 hours of logged study time in the Math Discovery Center each week
For more detailed information, select the appropriate self-paced math course and read the syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Math 255 - Fundamentals of Mathematics

Math 245/246 - Beginning Algebra

Math 219/220 - Intermediate Algebra