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Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Paced Math Classes

Who should take a self-paced math class?

  • If you have previously taken math and just need a review.
  • If you are self-motivated and able to learn using only a textbook, a tutor, videos, and software.
  • Be aware that learning math without a lecture may not be right for you.


How long does it usually take to complete a self-paced math class?

  • Although most students think if is faster than taking the lecture course, it takes an average of 2-4 semesters to finish a four or five unit class.
  • There are students who are able to complete 9 units of math in one semester with this program. 
  • How fast or slow you complete the coursework is completely up to you.


Can I enroll in more than one self-paced math class at the beginning of the semester?

  • No, you can only enroll one unit at a time.
    • Once you have completed a unit, your instructor will give you the appropriate paperwork to add the next unit.


Can I finish more than one self-paced math class in one semester?

  • Yes, as mentioned above, after you complete one unit, you may enroll in then next one during the same semester by submitting the appropriate paperwork to Admissions and Records.
  • Since these are open entry/open exit classes, you may add at any time during the semester if there is room in the class.


How does the class work?

  • You must complete 6 hours per week in the Math Discovery Center.
  • You must meet with your instructor once a week (during their designated times).
  • Each unit consists of 2 chapter tests and a module exam.
  • You study each chapter using the available resources (MyMathLab for Math 255, WebAssign for Math 245, 246, 219, and 220, and/or Moodle).
  • All pretests, homework assignments, quizzes and tests are computerized.  Only module exams are paper/pencil.
  • In order to take a test, you must either
    • pass online pre-tests (you are only allowed one attempt and must score 70% or better) OR
    • complete all the homework and quizzes online with an 80% or better (with no limit on the number of attempts).
  • Once you are eligible to take a test, you may do so with any instructor (online in the testing room, with no time limit).  You will receive a grade immediately, but your instructor will re-grade your exams and award partial credit.
    • If you pass with a 70% or better, you may move on to the next test or you may voluntarily choose to re-take the same test only one more time for a better grade.
    • If you do not pass, your instructor will go over your test with you and may assign homework to help better prepare you for another attempt.
    • You take tests until you pass. 
  • Once you pass two chapter tests, you will take a cumulative paper/pencil module exam to complete your unit.


How do I add a self-paced math class?                 

  • If you are currently enrolled in a lecture math class, you may drop down into a self-paced class during the first 10 weeks of the semester without “W” notation on your transcript if you find a self-paced instructor who has space in their class.
  • You will have to start from the beginning of the material and complete the online pre-tests, homework, and quizzes.  None of your work from the lecture class transfers to the self-paced class.
  • If you are not currently enrolled in a math class, you should ask any instructor teaching a section that fits into your schedule if they have any openings.  If so, they will check your prerequisites to make sure you are eligible to add and complete an add/drop form for you to submit to admission and records.


Can I take a self-paced class at the same time I am enrolled in another class since I can come any time?

  • No, you may not enroll in two courses that meet at the exact same time.