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Dictionary of Mathematical Terms - This dictionary is specifically designed for two-year college students. It contains all the important mathematical terms the students would encounter in any mathematics classes they take. From the most basic mathematical terms of Arithmetic to Algebra, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. In addition we also included most of the terms from Statistics, Business Calculus, Finite Mathematics and some other less commonly taught classes.

Online Resources

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Wolfram Alpha is an in-browser computational software that provides solutions to math problems, graphs, and a limited number of step-by-step solutions. It also is a powerful search engine. For fun, input "orange juice + toast" and see what Wolfram Alpha will output.

Patrick JMT is a great website that has A TON of math tutorials. Its mobile friendly too!

Math TV is a website produced by Patrick McKeague and family that has a variety of videos that explain different math concepts from arithmetic to calculus. Most videos are also available in Spanish.

Khan Academy exists to produce high-quality and free education to anyone around the world. A variety of tutorials, interactive online activities, and videos are available in most math subjects. Sign up for an account to get a more personalized experience and to track your improvement.

Desmos is online graphing tool that is very user-friendly. Students can easily produce high-quality graphs of everything from linear equations to trigonometric functions to implicit equations. Desmos will also calculate intercepts, minimum and maximum values, and intersections with other graphs.

Paul's Online Math Notes is a resource from Lamar University available for students enrolled in pre-calculus, calculus, and differential equations. Paul has created a substantial set of notes and examples that would be great as a supplemental study tool.

Purplemath is a great resource for students enrolled in arithmetic and algebra. Most of the content on the website is free, but if you click on anything related, they will try to get you to sign up for their website with a monthly fee.

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