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Chemistry Research Opportunities

Chemistry Research

Welcome to Chemistry 298, organic chemistry research

You are about to start an unforgettable educational journey that will enhance your logical, analytical, and technical skills. By the time you successfully complete this course, you will know how to responsibly build a compound and characterize it, as well as its properties. You will become a molecular architect and engineer.
Every intersession, we chose a group of outstanding students to participate in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Research class (Chem. 298).
A little history about this class: it started in the winter of 2010 with a generous seed donation from CSULA MBRS director, Dr. Carlos G. Gutierrez, which afforded the purchase of essential equipment and supplies to start the first round of then volunteer attempt to introduce research to Glendale Community College. In 2012, after three successful rounds of undergraduate research, Title V and GAUSS grant managers recognized the importance of this program and funded the most needed equipment for further development. Ever since the program has been established, there is an incredible body of evidence showing its benefits for our students.
So far:
1. More than 90 students have been trained through the program.
2. The vast majority of the scholars who participated in Chem. 298, joined research groups at the universities upon transfer.
3. Four of the alums are currently enrolled in Ph.D. programs in chemistry and biochemistry.
4. Five of the alums are completing M.S. in chemistry and biochemistry.
5. 35 Of the alums chose chemistry or biochemistry as their major field of study, and are currently completing their B.S. in reputable four-year universities.
6. The students have presented their original work at college-wide, regional, state, and national conferences.

The success of this program was such a clear indication for the need to institutionalize it, that it was approved to be registered as a college course, Chem. 298, in the spring of 2015. The second part of the sequence, Chem. 299, is in the process for submission to Curriculum and Instructions committee at GCC.

For more information about the class visit or contact Asmik Oganesyan at or phone in at (818)-240 1000 x 5348 for website password.

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