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Laura Englund-Krusee

Geography Hybrid Instructor

So, you’re interested in taking Geography 101 (Physical Geography) or 102 (Cultural Geography) as a hyflex/hybrid class? Please read on to learn more about the classes!

Here are the details for what these classes look like:

   1   First and foremost, know that these classes are 8 weeks long, which means that they do move fast (we are squeezing a 16 week course in to 8 weeks)!! Hyflex/hybrid means that some of our time together will be spent in the classroom at GCC, the rest will be spent in a virtual learning environment via Canvas - our Learning Management System (LMS).

   2   Each course will be meeting on campus 4 times during their 8 week session (every other week), on Wednesday Evenings from 6-10pm. These class meetings are mandatory. Please check the ticket note and Welcome Letter for exact dates, locations and times for each of the hyflex/hybrid courses to determine which one best fits your needs and schedule.

   3   We also have "real time" online class sessions every week via etherpad, Canvas or Skype. There will be a choice of times to attend these meetings.Attending one meeting each week is mandatory &will be incorporated in the final grade.

   4   Similar to traditional face-to-face classes, these hyflex/hybrid classes will also include the usual weekly readings, lessons and quizzes to complete in Canvas, projects, and exams. The main difference with hyflex/hybrid courses is that we meet on campus less often and "telecommute" more, so you will be in charge of your own learning and time management (while keeping to the deadlines provided).

   5   Welcome Letters:These will be e-mailed to students before the start of the Fall semester and they will also be posted in Canvas. It is important that this letter be read, and that all students attend the course Orientation. Absent students must be dropped from the course!

   6   Grading: Students who take a hyflex/hybrid course are generally highly successful. Ongoing communication with class peers and the professor ensures personal attention and sometimes individualized instruction!

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Please check out the links below for more information on distance education!

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Online Student Readiness Tutorials (California Community Colleges Online Education)

Information on Distance Education (Hyflex Hybrid and/or Fully Online Courses) at GCC


Fall 2018 Hybrid Course Calendar 

First 8 Weeks

Second 8 Weeks

Laura Englund-Krusee
Distance Education Faculty
Social Sciences Division