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Melita Baumann

Child Development Online Instructor

Melita Baumann Riddle: 

This is an online course built around “Open Educational Resources” (OER). The purchase of a textbook is, therefore, not required. All course resources have been selected for their relevance to sound child development principles. It is unique in that all course materials are available 24/7. In such classes, students study on their own time, but are supported constantly by interaction between their peers and professor! At the start of each semester, online students receive a Welcome Letter in their college e-mail. It is critical that students read this letter, as it includes important material geared toward student success. In addition, students take an online Course Check-in Quiz, made up of questions relating to the course Syllabus. All students must take and pass the Course Check-in Quiz.

I. Communication:
A. Asynchronous: online forums include important topics in child development, prepared according to a schedule, but on student time.
B. Synchronous (real time) via Skype. Students choose a time each week to speak with peers and their professor. Lectures, activities, and SUPPORT = Skype! Never fret about  Skype: it is FREE and EASY! Students love it!

II. CANVAS: Distance Education classes are made possible through "a course management system." The name of the system used for CHLDV 135 is "CANVAS." Working within its structure is easy and comfortable. If needed, help is available.

III. Child Development 135 is a foundation course for many disciplines: Early Childhood Education; Elementary Education; Parenting; Psychology; Nursing etc.. It transfers to CSU, UC, USC etc.

IV. GRADES: Students who take a Distance Education course are often highly successful. Ongoing communication with class peers and the professor insures personal attention and individualized instruction!

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Melita Baumann Riddle
Distance Education Faculty
Child Development
Social Sciences Division