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Sandy Somo

Sociology Hyflex Hybrid and Online Instructor

Hi there! Are you interested in taking Sociology 101 at GCC as a fully online or hyflex hybrid (partially on campus, and partially online) class? If so, read on!

I am teaching two fully online Sociology 101 courses for the Summer 2020 term. Both of these courses will be 8 weeks long, and will take place from June 15th through August 7th. I will also be teaching three fully online 8-week Sociology 101 courses in Fall 2020 (two during the first 8 weeks of the semester, which will take place from August 31st-October 24th, and one during the second 8 weeks of the semester, which will take place from October 26th to December 16th). Below are some details for what these classes entail. 

1. The Basics: First and foremost, know that these classes are 8 weeks long, which means that they are pretty fast paced. For the fully online classes, there will be no on-campus class meetings, and our course will be entirely virtual via Canvas and Pronto (though you are absolutely welcome to stop by during my Student Visiting Hours in my office if you're ever on campus during those times!). Note that my Student Visiting Hours are currently only available virtually due to physical distancing measures for COVID-19. Additionally, the hyflex hybrid classes mean that some of our time together will be spent in class at GCC, and the rest will be spent in a virtual learning environment via Canvas and Pronto. For those classes, we will be meeting on campus 4 times during the 8 week session, usually every other Friday from 1:30-5:30pm. These class meetings are mandatory. Please check the ticket number on the GCC Class Schedule for the exact days of the class meetings, and for other information, to determine if it fits your schedule. Please note that I won't have any hybrid hyflex courses available to take until it's deemed safe to relax physical distancing measures due to COVID-19.

2. Real-Time Communication: For the online classes, since we won't meet on campus for classes at all, we will have a "real time" online class session every week via Pronto, to promote interaction among us all, and to go beyond written exchanges (such as forums on Canvas, and pre-taped or narrated mini-lectures), although we will have those, too. To determine the best days/times for these weekly Pronto sessions, I will send out a Doodle poll to determine what the most popular time options to host these online class sessions are for that particular week, depending on everyone's schedules. In the past, some popular times that students have requested are: Wednesday evenings (5-6pm or 7-8pm) and Saturday afternoons (1-2pm or 2-3pm). For the hyflex hybrid classes, we will have these "real time" online class sessions every other week only (on the weeks we don't meet on campus), also via Pronto.

3. Assignments: Similar to traditional face-to-face classes, these online and hyflex hybrid classes will also include the usual weekly readings, activities to complete on Canvas, projects, reflection papers, and exams. The main difference with hyflex hybrid courses is that we meet on campus less often and "telecommute" more, and with online classes, we don't meet on campus at all, so you are in charge of navigating your learning at your own pace (while keeping in mind the deadlines). 

4. Enrolling, Waitlists, and More: I highly recommend registering for all of your classes on the day and time that you are scheduled for. To best prepare for this, you'll want to meet with a Counselor (virtually or in-person) to create a Student Education Plan that best fits your personal goals and needs. Once that's done, you can map out which classes you'd like to take each semester, and then you can piece together your dream schedule for the upcoming term. If all of the spots are taken for a course you wanted to enroll for, either add yourself to the waitlist, or try to either find another one that works for your schedule. Please note that I only get access to permission numbers/add codes a couple of days before the term begins, and I will generally offer permission numbers to students on the waitlist (in the numerical order they're listed) during the first week of the course, if additional seats become available. Thank you for your interest in taking Sociology 101 online and/or hyflex hybrid, and I look forward to having you join our Sociology learning community!

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, and check out the links below for more information on distance education and Canvas: 

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Sandy Somo
Distance Education Faculty
Social Sciences Division