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Student Services Division

The Student Services Division is comprised of all the academic staff of the college offering services to students in the areas of counseling, adaptive instruction, library and student health services. It is one of the largest academic divisions of the college. The members offer a wide range of services through an array of specialized service units such as:

  • High Tech center for students with special needs;
  • library services including instruction;
  • tutoring through the Learning Center;
  • comprehensive counseling services in the Center for Students with Disabilities;
  • counseling and instruction in the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services unit;
  • a comprehensive Career center offering individualized career counseling and testing as well as instruction;
  • the Transfer center offering a wide range of services;
  • the International Student Services unit for students from abroad attending the college under a student visa;
  • health services in the Health office;
  • counseling in the Admissions and Records unit;
  • and a comprehensive program of individualized and group counseling, as well as instruction provided by the members of the Academic Counseling unit.

The division is responsible for all the instruction offered through the Student Development curriculum. All the services offered are aimed at ensuring that each and every student enrolled at our college completes his of her academic goal and is well prepared to continue at a four-year institution, enter the work force, or enjoy a more meaningful personal life. The members of the division are proud to be a special group of student development professionals committed to student services and always seeking better ways to serve students.