Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions commonly asked by students within the Architecture Program at GCC. If your question is not listed, please let the Architecture Department Chair know and it may be added to the next update.

In what sequence should I take the Architecture classes?

You may take architecture classes in any order as long as you have taken the proper pre-requisite classes prior to taking advanced classes. Click here for a pdf file that gives the recommended order.

A college level algebra class such as Math 100 is sufficient to complete the certificate/degree. For the Bachelors Degree in Architecture (B.Arch) a Trigonometry class is required.

What classes do you offer that will teach me about commercial construction?

The Architecture 130 and 135 classes are both commercial projects. The Arch 130 is a 9-Unit strip mall, single story. The Arch 135 is a two-story, concrete block or tilt-up building. Both of these projects require the design of a parking lot. 

What classes do you offer that will teach me about residential construction?

The Architecture 101, 102, 120, and 125 classes are all residential design based. They vary from a small two-bedroom cabin to a 4-unit townhouse complex.

Will you help me with drawings for an outside project, such as a room addition?

The instructors can answer your questions during their office hours regarding any project. Realize that they do not have an infinite knowledge of architecture and some questions may be beyond their level of expertise.

What do drafters and architects earn per year?

If you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, there are listings of average earnings and descriptions of various career fields. Be sure to also check based on the region of the country that you are interested in.

How do I know if an architecture school is accredited? What does accreditation mean?

If your plans upon graduation from an architecture school include earning a professional license, then you must attend a school that has been accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). This organization is the sole agency that is responsible to insure that an Architecture Program is accredited.

What colleges could I transfer to after I leave Glendale College?

There are many colleges and universities that have architecture programs. The only state college option in the Southern California area is Cal Poly Pomona. There are also private colleges that have Bachelor Degree programs in Architecture. One of the main concerns that the student should have is if the school of Architecture is accredited. Most programs in this area are impacted and require a high GPA to transfer. Check with each college/university to find their criteria.

Do any of the architecture classes transfer to a 4 or 5 year architecture school?

No. Most colleges require that you take the entire curriculum at their campus. The main reason for taking architecture classes at Glendale College is to gain the necessary experience needed to begin a Bachelors Degree program. Most schools require that the students already know the basics of drafting and the CAD software used at the school. 

What kind of drafting equipment do I need to take a manual drafting class?

There is tool kit for sale at the Glendale College Bookstore. Be sure to purchase the kit for the Architecture classes. You may also purchase the tools individually from a drafting supply store. 

Where can I buy Autodesk software? How much is it?

If you are a current full or part-time student you may download the software from the Autodesk Student Community web site. The software is free and is licensed for approximately 3 years. Use this web link to access to Autodesk Student Community. You will need a GCC email address to register for the site. Many Autodesk programs are available for download including AutoCAD 2011 and Revit Architecture 2011.

What is SketchUp and how can it help with my drafting/design classes?

This software is useful for the design phase of an architectural project. Currently this software is taught as part of the Arch 105 curriculum. You can download a free home version called Google Sketchup. This software is currently used at Cal Poly Pomona and other architecture schools.

What is a portfolio and why is it so important?

A portfolio is a collection of your best work. Most architecture schools prefer that the drawings in a portfolio are completed using manual drafting methods. They are also interested in other work such as sketches, photographs, artwork, and renderings. Anything that can demonstrate you design ability is appropriate. Be sure to check with the Architecture school that you are interested in for their specific requirements. The Architecture 240 class will help you assemble a portfolio of the work completed at GCC,

Where do I go on the website to find out specific information about a class?

On the main page of the Architecture webpage is a link to individual classes. Information such as class description, unit value, and transfer information is given. If you need specific information contact the instructor.

How can I find out when a class will be offered?

The best way is to ask the Department Chair, Dave Martin. You can also click on this link to see a pdf file that gives this information.

Where can I buy my own large format printer? How much do they cost?

The printer that is used in the Architecture lab is manufactured by Hewlett-Packard. Any large format printer with at least a capacity for a 24" roll can be used for architectural drawings. Click on this link for pricing information. There are also companies that sell used equipment at a considerable savings.

Yes. Click here for links to some student portfolios. Any student may submit work for display on the Architecture Department website.