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Fire Technology


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    These are the classes that are part of the Fire Technology curriculum. Click on the class name for additional information.

    FIRE 101
    Introduction to Fire Protection

    FIRE 114
    Hazardous Materials

    FIRE 102
    Fire Behavior and Combustion

    FIRE 115
    Building Construction

    FIRE 103
    Fire Prevention Technology

    FIRE 150
    Fire Instructor 1A

    FIRE 104
    Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy

    FIRE 151
    Fire Instructor 1B

    FIRE 105
    Fire Protection Equipment and Systems

    FIRE 152
    Fire Management I

    FIRE 107
    Fire Hydraulics

    FIRE 153
    Fire Investigation 1A

    FIRE 108
    Fire Apparatus and Equipment

    FIRE 154
    Fire Command 1A

    FIRE 109
    Rescue Practices

    FIRE 155
    Fire Command 1B

    FIRE 110
    Fire Company Organization and Procedure

    FIRE 156
    Fire Prevention 1A

    FIRE 111
    Fire Investigation Technology

    FIRE 157
    Fire Prevention 1B

    FIRE 112
    Wildland Fire Control