Dance Program


 The Dance Department offers an A.S. Certificate in Dance, and an A.A. Dance Major. The dance program is structured around four areas of study: 

A. Technical Studies: 

  1. Basic Ballet Technique 
  2. Ballet Technique II 
  3. Ballet Technique III
  4. Choreography Workshop (Repertoire) 
  5. Ballet Workshop (History) 
  6. Modern Dance I 
  7. Modern Dance II
  8. Modern Dance III 
  9. Tap Dance I 
  10. Tap Dance II 
  11. Jazz Technique I 
  12. Jazz Technique II
  13. Jazz Technique III
  14. Jazz Workshop (Video) 
  15. Jazz Workshop (Repertoire) 
  16. Hip Hop 
  17. Salsa
  18. Middle Eastern Dance 

B. Choreographic Studies:

  1. Introduction to Dance 
  2. Choreography 
  3. Choreography Workshop 
  4. Dance Production (Student) 
  5. Dance Production (Repertoire)

C. Special Content Studies:

  1. Survey of Dance History 
  2. Survey of Middle Eastern Dance History
  3. Commercial Dance 
  4. Commercial Dance (Series) 
  5. Movement for Theater (Taken in conjunction with Theater Arts 103) 
  6. Movement for Theater II (Taken in conjunction with Theater Arts 104) 
  7. Movement for Musical Theater 
  8. Pilates 
  9. Independent Studies 
  10. Physical Reintegration 
  11. Aerobic Rhythms 
  12. Movement Development (birth through l2 years of age) 
  13. Choreographic Techniques Spirit leaders

D. Performance:

  1. Dance Productions (Repertoire and Student)
  2. International Workshops 
  3. “Phanatics” Dance Concert 
  4. Glendale Repertory Dance Theater