In this current budgetary climate, the California Community College System is receiving less money from Sacramento and as a result we are having to cut classes. The Visual and Performing Arts Division is especially vulnerable because we are considered non-essential for students who are not majoring in this discipline, even though it has been proven that students who participate in the Arts become more well-rounded, and do better in their other classes. We are having to depend more and more on donations from generous patrons such as yourself.

The Music Department has created a fund through the Glendale College Foundation to accept your tax-deductable donation. It is called the GCC Music Department Fund and is "for the support, development, and enhancement of The Glendale College Music Department."

You can donate online using your credit card!

Be sure to specify that you want your donation to go to the "GCC Music Department Fund" in the box provided under "Gift Information." All donations donations are tax-deductable, and will be acknowledged and greatly appreciated. If you would like to speak to someone in the Foundation Office, you may call (818) 551-5201.