Pro Tools, Music Technology, Recording

Learn music production, recording, and Pro Tools at GCC!

Courses include MUS 177 Music Technology, MUS 178 Audio Recording, and MUS 185/186 Pro Tools. Our music lab has the latest software including Logic, Ableton Live, Reason, Sibelius, Studio One and Pro Tools and is equipped with Push controllers at each station. Glendale College has its own recording studio equipped with a large format console - SSL AWS 948.

Music lab at GCC, students recording
Music lab at GCC
Music lab at GCC, board
Learn the industry standard!

GCC partners with The Rattle Room Studio in Burbank.

Rattle Room

Rattle Room, students recording

Our students intern and use the facility to work on recording and mixing projects.

Become Pro Tools certified!

Easiest and lowest cost option in Southern California for Pro Tools certification!

GCC offers Pro Tools 101 and 110, listed as Music courses 185 and 186, with the optional certification exam available at the conclusion of each course.