High School/Adult School Articulation Agreements

High School/Adult School  Course  HS Teacher  GCC Course  Course Title
 Birmingham Charter  Animation I-II  Zook  Art 201  Drawing for Animation
 Burbank HS  Stage Technology  Broderick  Th Arts 171  Stage Craft
 Burbank HS  Digital Photo I-II  Bentley  Photo 130  Digital Photo
 Burbank HS  Photography I-II  Bentley  Photo 101  Intro to Photography
 Clark Magnet HS  Animation 5-6  Orrantia  Art 201  Drawing for Animation
 Clark Magnet HS  CAM 7-8  Black  CAM 220  Basic Lathe
 Clark Magnet HS  CAM 5-6  Black  CAM 210  Basic Milling
 Clark Magnet HS  Robotics Team Project 1-2  Black  Engr 130  Intro to Robotics
Crescenta Valley HS  Stage Arts 5-6 Dominguez  Th Arts 180 Technical Theatre--Music Production
 Glendale HS  Culin 5-6* Pugl-Gamez  Culin 111  Fund of Cooking I
 Hoover HS  Culin 5-6* Roznowski  Culin 111  Fund of Cooking I
 Hoover HS  Digital Arts 5-6 Pinsker  Art 201  Drawing for Animation
 Hoover HS  Stage Arts 5-6  Myles  Th Arts 180  Tech Theatre--Music Production
 LA Hospitality Training Academy  Line Cook Apprentice Program  Frieder  Culin 111  Fund of Cooking I
 *Credit By Exam required once enrolled at GCC