Destination Science is a warm, wonderful environment where kids feel comfortable making connections with others!

Monday-Friday (9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) $335/week 
Girls and Boys ages 5-11 years old


Glendale Community College, Verdugo Campus 
1500 N. Verdugo Road – Glendale - 91208

Call Glendale College's Community Services Education at (818) 240-1000, Ext. 5015.

Download Destination Science Camps flyer (pdf)

Physics Coaster & Science Magic Camp

Build a Magnetic Coaster & learn the science behind the magic show!

Engineer games like mini golf, frog bowling, baseball science and more.  Amaze your family and friends as you master the science behind disappearing magic tricks, mirrors, lights, chemical reactions and eye-opening experiments all week!

Robot Challengers & Reaction Racers Camp

Construct your own Volcanic Robot Crawler & Motocross Racer!  

Enter the world of volcanic eruptions and accept the challenge to excavate crystal minerals with your motorized Robot Lava Crawler.  Engineer & operate a criss-cross Racer on your very own motocross track.  Delve into electricity with light-up lego blocks and technic light spinners, bubble machines, drones and much more.

Rocket Space Science Camp

Build and launch air/land rockets and discover an Alien Animal Planet

3..2..1  Lift Off!   Your mission:  Build a Roaring Rocket and a new planetary Rover to investigate endangered animal-like aliens on a distant planet.  Time to save our own animal kingdom from extinction.  Discover space with sun prints, telescopes, and experiment with much more.

Extreme Innovators & Science Makers Camp

Invent, make & take your own technic toys! 

Curious minds want to know and build.  Experiment and discover the technology behind controls that operate inventions:  touch, sound and motion sensors.  Take home a robot puppy that barks, eats, and sits at your command.  Invent flippin’ friction racers, magnetic quiz games, 3D water-powered polymers and more.