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Ancient Civilizations of the World LLS 141
Art History LLS 090
Contemporary World Issues LLS 010
Diet and Nutrition LLS 044
Discovering Yourself through Memoir Writing and More LLS 030
Film Criticism LLS 072

Joy of Living LLS 020
Philosophy an Ethics for Everyday Living LLS 024
Quality of Life LLS 021
Where’s My Memory? LLS 027
World Religions LLS 095


LLS 010 Contemporary World Issues 
This course centers on discussion of current social, political, and cultural issues around the world. This class is an opportunity to discuss, share opinions, and gain insight into the complex events of today’s world.

LLS 020 Joy of Living
This course is an interactive discussion course with an emphasis on personal enrichment and on meeting life’s challenges with a positive outlook.

LLS 021 Quality of Life
This course is an interactive class focusing on improving the quality of life, increasing social outlets, and clarifying life issues.

LLS 024 Philosophy and Ethics for Everyday Living 
This course examines the philosophies and ethics of a variety of historical and modern thinkers. Discussion centers on the application of these theories to the student’s life.

LLS 027 Where’s My Memory?
This course class explores the far reaches of the human mind – the processes of remember and forgetting.

LLS 030 Discovering Yourself through Memoir Writing and More
This course provides the opportunity for mature adults to call, discuss and translate their memories into written memoirs by application of varied writing techniques and share oral expression. 

LLS 044 Diet and Nutrition
This course covers nutritional basics as a foundation for personalizing a healthy, simple, and effective diet plan that is best for each student.

LLS 072 Film Criticism
This course affords the development of critical analysis of films. Discussion of both contemporary and earlier films provides an opportunity to gain insight and understanding into the creation of the films and the effects of cultural and societal mores on the content and production of movies. Selected motion pictures are screened.

LLS 090 Art History
This course promotes an understanding of the role of art in human development. A variety of periods, geographical areas, and artists will be presented.

LLS 095 World Religions
This course provides a general introduction to human beings’ religious nature, ancient religions, and a more thorough discussion of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

LLS 141 Ancient Civilizations of the World 
This course explores the history, archaeology and influence of civilizations in the ancient world. Each session explores a different civilization.

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