Parent Support Center for Child Development

Garfield Child Development Center at GCC

Parent Support, Continuing Education, kids exploringChildren who come to the Parent Support Center for Child Development (Garfield Child Development Center) graduate with a strong sense of trust in themselves. They are armed with interest in their future educational experience. They are confident that they have what they need to begin the process of reading, and writing because they have been doing it every day. They have been practicing science, art, literacy, poetry, simple machines, music, astronomy, geometry, division and physics, as well as languages such as Armenian, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic. They have begun their college education while in preschool. You may ask. “How do you do all this without overwhelming the children?” The answer is, “We do it through play.” These are the magical years, and while working at the child’s level we accomplish so much.We know that to create the kind of environment children thrive in we must be dedicated to creating a welcoming-inviting family centered environment that promotes a sense of and community and care.

Parent Support, Continuing Education, boy on tricycle

OurParent Support, Continuing Education, girl painting environment supports, children and families from all ethnic, socioeconomic, gender inclusive, physically challenged and cultural backgrounds.



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