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View from top of CoronadoGlendale Community College (GCC) has been offering field classes in the Baja California peninsula of Mexico since 1974. The program aims to expose students to a pristine and complex natural environment coupled with a unique experience in Mexican culture.

Glendale Community College’s Field Station (Estación del Mar Cortés) is in the town of Bahía de los Angeles (about 400 miles from the San Diego border), located on the Gulf coast of the Baja California Peninsula.

The Gulf of California is one of the most unique environments in the planet and the islands within it have been called the “Galapagos of Mexico”! The bay itself is in an area of great biodiversity known as the Midriff Islands. The area around Bahía de los Angeles and its islands is protected under Mexican law, and the college visits the islands with the permission of the regional office of SEMARNAT, Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources. This area is now a UNESCO-designated world heritage site due to its unique cultural and natural significance. It is in these islands and the surrounding bay where we do our field activities.

Bahía de los Angeles is famous among scientists, educators and fishermen because of its natural beauty and the incredible diversity of life, which provides great opportunities to learn about the natural environment.

The Field Station - Estación del Mar Cortés (EMC):
Pan View Station

Field Station3
Home base to all the Program’s class offerings, EMC is a facility located in the growing fishing village of Bahía de los Angeles on the shores of the Sea of Cortes. Glendale Community College has just completed the construction of a new field station!

The new field station includes two classrooms and dorms, a living room and kitchen, showers and restrooms, a garage/equipment room, and a staff building. Participants help with daily cleaning and food preparation chores under the supervision of station staff and a cook. Students sleep on comfortable canvas cots placed either inside the field station or outside on the sandy beach, next to the water and under the stars. From the station porches, you will have an unparalleled view of the many islands in the bay. Glorious sunrises will softly awaken you.

Bahia Sunrise with Cot

Bahia Google Earth View
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We invite other academic institutions to consider offering their own programs/courses or to join Glendale Community College on a joint program. CCIE member Colleges will receive a reduction of the use fee and Glendale Community College will share its knowledge of logistics and academics gained through more than 35 years of teaching at the “Estación del Mar Cortés”.