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About Student Equity


Student Equity’s mission is to ensure equitable educational opportunities and to promote student success for all students, to ensure policies, procedures, and practices are in place that advance the achievement of all students with an emphasis on eliminating the achievement gaps for students from traditionally underrepresented groups that are identified as disproportionately impacted.


The Student Equity Committee, established by GCC’s Academic Senate, set out to revise and update the Equity Plan in August 2015. The committee is comprised of classroom and non-classroom faculty, Deans from Instructional and Student Services, classified staff, the Vice President of Student Services, a representative from the Office of Institutional Research (IR) , a representative from the Business Office, a student representative from the Associated Students, as well as support and resources from a variety of stakeholders. Pods (comprised of Project Leads and Faculty Leaders) were formed on the basis of these stakeholders’ responsibilities and involvement with the measures of success (Access, Course Completion, College-Level Course Completion, 30-Unit Attainment, Degree or Certificate Completion, and Transfer as categorized by the Chancellor’s Office). The Office of IR collected and provided data that drove the priorities, goals, activities, identified outcomes, and reassigned responsibility to meet the completion dates of the current Student Equity Plan. Key participants in the Student Equity Plan include: The Veterans Resource Center Director, Director of Admissions and Records, Director of the Center for Student Involvement, Director of the Learning Center, Summer Bridge Coordinator, Student Equity Counselors spearheading the Learning Communities, representatives from the Basic Skills Initiative and Title V grant, an Interdisciplinary Faculty Leader, a Math, English, and ESL Faculty Leader, representatives from the Students with Disabilities program, and the Transfer Center.