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Student Equity Committee

The Student Equity Committee oversees campus-wide efforts to guarantee equity and assure compliance with Title V requirements. Equity is defined in the broadest possible manner, emphasizing accessibility for GCC constituents independent of race, class, gender, legal status, ability, sexual orientation, age, or ethnic affiliation.

Voting members: Yeranui Barsegyan, Elizabeth Bryer, Deanna Cardenas Giron (community member), Michael Davis, Barbara Flynn, Eric Hanson, Yvette Hassakoursian (Chair), Tiffany Ingle, Mark Maier, Rolan Perez (student), Greg Perkins, Irina Shumakova, Ovsana Tsaturian (student).

Resources: Arpi Amirian, Teresa Davis, Ziza Delgado, Heather Glenn, Ed Karpp, Rick Perez, Michael Ritterbrown, Piper Rooney, Terrence Yu, Hoover Zariani.

Student Equity - Minutes on SharePoint