New DE Course Proposal

New DE Course Proposal

*Title 5 regulations define distance learning as instruction in which the instructor and student are separated by distance and interact through the assistance of communications technology.  Any course that provides a learning experience via distance education must be separately approved by the Committee on Distance Education (CoDE) and reviewed by the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Committee as information.

New Distance Education Proposal

Policies and procedures for authentication, faculty/student interaction, attendance, participation, and training have been developed and approved by the Academic Senate and Academic Affairs. All curriculum offered in DE is approved by CODE and sent to the C & I Committee as information. All curriculum to be offered as DE including new and revised courses and programs must first be approved by the division, the C&I Committee, and, as necessary the Academic Affairs and Campus Executive Committees, and the Board of Trustees.

A faculty training/certificate program for Distance Education, OWL (Online.  Wired.  Learning.) is offered for the purpose of ensuring quality and compliance with federal, state and accreditation guidelines. Expectations for all online instructors include class participation, course design, and activities compliant to the Guide to Evaluating Distance Education (link to ACCJC's page). Faculty certification/training, OWL, is designed to ensure that no instructional design is a reflection of Correspondence Education.  Click on the hyperlink to access the DE Certification/Training infographic.  DE Certification/Training

Contact Fabiola Torres, Distance Education Coordinator, to enroll in the "First-Time DE Certification Process" at

Course Approval Process

The time frame for creating a course depends on the amount of time it takes for instructors to train and whether or not the course will need any updates or revisions within the C&I Committee approval process.  A new distance education course can be offered in the first full semester after it has been approved and cleared to teach by the Committee of Distance Education (CODE). The job of CODE is to advise and guide faculty during the course development process to make certain that each new course meets all GCC standards for best practices.

Action plan toward approving a distance education course proposal:
  1. Plan Your Proposal by downloading the DE Course Addendum.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the file.
  2. Contact Division Chair
  3. Check if the Course Outline on file is UPDATED to meet current standards.  Refer to the C&I Hand Book:  Common Curricular Action Items.  If the outline needs to be updated, the outline must flow through the C&I process.  Course outlines should be updated at least every six years.  Because the formatting standards and some requirements for course outlines have changed over the last three years, all outlines should be reviewed to ensure that they match current formatting standards.
  4. Contact the DE Coordinator
  5. C&I Coordinator may contact you with any questions.  CoDE CAN NOT APPROVE A COURSE UNTIL THE COURSE OUTLINE IS UPDATED AS IS NECESSARY.  
  6. Begin Online Training (as/if needed)
  7. DE Addendum Form Consultation w/ DE Coordinator (and C&I Coordinator)
  8. DE Addendum Form Approval by Division Chair
  9. DE Addendum Form Approval by CoDE
  10. DE Approval by CoDE
  11. Addendum is presented to C&I Committee as an information item
  12. Course is scheduled by the Division Chair
  13. Course Goes Live

Distance Education Addendum Form (Click on the title to access the form.  Select the "Open With Different Viewer" link on the top right hand corner if the fillable PDF form does not open)