How Often Do I Have to Be Online in a Distance Education Course?

Required Virtual Attendance

How Often Do I Have To Be Online?

Distance Education courses requires weekly online access, participation, and communication.  Students must review the instructor generated Welcome Letter via GCC email two days before the semester begins and complete the Course Check-In Assignment described in the Welcome Letter (in order to not be dropped from the course).


Establishing and maintaining regular effective contact is an important aspect of delivering an online and hybrid course. It is not only a Title 5 requirement, but is also a practice that encourages and facilitates student-centered instruction and increases student learning outcomes. Therefore Distance Education courses are not to be offered in a self-paced format.


Distance Education includes regular effective contact between instructor and students.  Effective regular and authentic contact in the distance education classroom take place in four ways every week: 1. Instructor-Student 2. Student-Student 3. Student-Content 4. Student-Interface.



Any portion of a course provided through distance education is conducted consistent with guidelines issued by the Chancellor pursuant to section 409 of the Procedures and Standing Orders of the Board of Governors.