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Glendale Community College offers a variety of Distance Education (DE) courses to meet your needs including Online courses and Hybrid courses. GCC's Distance Education uses Canvas as a Learning Management System (LMS). Internet and other technologies are used in learning exercises every week to ensure regular and effective contact between instructor and student. Distance Education (DE) courses are equivalent to a classroom-based course. Courses are taught by the same qualified instructors and follow the same curriculum and standards as the classroom-based course. Distance Education (DE) courses provide flexibility in scheduling and are especially helpful to self-directed learners. It is recommended that students be comfortable with computers, particularly the internet, before taking an online or hybrid course.

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Two forms of Distance Education are offered at GCC:

1. Online Courses
The majority of class instruction, assignments, and communications are done online. Online Instruction may be delivered synchronously (in real-time) and/or asynchronously (Not in real-time). Online courses require a mandatory on-campus orientation and may also require on-campus testing.  Instructors have the right to drop students who do not attend the first day of instruction.  GCC or current government issued ID must be presented by the enrolled student during the orientation day.

2. Hybrid Courses
A portion of the class instruction, assignments, and communication are done online and the rest is during on-campus classroom meetings. The online portion of the class instruction may be delivered synchronously (in real-time) and/or asynchronously (not in real-time). 

Synchronous learning environments refers to a learning environment in which everyone takes part at the same time. Asynchronous learning environments refers to a student-centered teaching method that uses online learning resources to facilitate information sharing outside the constraints of time and place among a collection of students. Technology used to facilitate and support both learning environments will be explained in the Welcome Letter sent to the student’s GCC email.

Once enrolled in an online or hybrid courses, students must retrieve and read the Welcome Letter sent by the instructor 2 days before the semester begins via GCC email and complete the Course Check-In Assignment described in the Welcome Letter.

What is a Welcome Letter? 

What is a Check-In Assignment?

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What is GCC's Attendance & Participation Policy for DE?

What is the Drop Policy for DE? 

What Should I Consider Before Taking an Online Class or Program?