How does GCC verify your identity?

GCC Verifies Student Identity through Effective and Regular Authentic Contact

Effective regular and authentic contact in the distance education classroom takes place in four ways every week:

1. Instructor-Student

2. Student-Student

3. Student-Content

4.Student-Interface (Moodle).

The online portion of the class instruction may be delivered synchronously (in real-time) and/or asynchronously (not in real-time). Synchronous learning environments refers to a learning environment in which everyone takes part at the same time. Asynchronous learning environments refers to a student-centered teaching method that uses online learning resources and activities to facilitate information sharing outside the constraints of time and place. Technology used to facilitate and support both learning environments will be explained in the Welcome Letter sent to the student’s GCC email (see Welcome Letter).  

GCC or current government issued ID must be presented by the enrolled student during the orientation day.

Establishing and maintaining effective & regular effective authentic contact is an important aspect of delivering an online and hybrid course. It is not only a Title 5 requirement, but is also a practice that encourages and facilitates student-centered instruction and increases student learning outcomes. Therefore Distance Education courses are not to be offered in a self-paced format.

Any portion of a course provided through distance education is conducted consistent with guidelines issued by the Chancellor pursuant to section 409 of the Procedures and Standing Orders of the Board of Governors.