Glendale Annual DE recertification

DE Certification and DE Recertification

To be eligible to teach fully Online or Hybrid courses, instructors must be both DE Certified and DE Instruction Eligible. Eligibility is maintained through the annual completion of six hours of GADER (Glendale Annual Distance Education Recertification) for full-time faculty and three hours of  for adjunct faculty. Eligibility lapses if the GADER requirement is not completed by a firm deadline this year of May 16, 2018.


Owl, alligators, recertification, Flex … why so many names and which do I need?

Great question! First the mascot. We used to use an adorable owl to indicate all things DE (Distance Education). Now we have only one mascot, and the mascot is only for continuing education, or recertification. That mascot is an adorable alligator, and its acronym is GADER, Glendale Annual Distance Education Recertification.

Next, the name. Flex is the professional development that we do in exchange for the week we get paid, yet have no classes. DE Recertification is the specific professional development we do to stay current in the rapidly changing field of online and hybrid teaching, and to maintain our certification to teach online and hybrid courses at GCC. To help make that distinction, we will use GADER to refer to that annual DE recertification. Although you can always use GADER hours toward your Flex requirement, you cannot use all Flex hours toward GADER – they must be GADER approved activities.

Okay, I get it, it’s called GADER! And I need to do GADER every year after I’m initially DE certified. But how much do I need?

Once we are certified to teach online/hybrid, we need to maintain that certification through advanced professional development training. The minimum requirement of GADER hours is six hours annually for full-time faculty and three hours annually for adjunct faculty.

Community of Practice, Canvas workshop, @ONE, OEI, oh my … what counts as GADER?

Everything that counts as GADER will be posted here, on this page!

You should know that we are planning some fantastic EdTech and Design workshops this April and May, so you are welcome to wait for those!

Further, if you encounter any professional development opportunities which offer you advanced training in online instruction, please send them to and they will be added to this site.

We are particularly supportive of instruction that connects specifically the OEI rubric.
Canvas workshops cannot count as GADER because they are not advanced professional development in the pedagogy and practice of online instruction.

Finally, the GCC DE Community of Practice is a way of deepening the learning that we do together in DE pedagogy and practice, and in deepening the connection between GCC faculty who teach online, as well as connecting us to practitioners around the state. It allows us an opportunity to delve deeply into the OEI rubric and a variety of best practices, such as humanizing online education, online equity, and course design, and to improve our teaching and our courses through mutual support.

I want to do the DE Community of Practice thing! How does it work?

Every faculty member who is certified to teach DE will be automatically added to the Canvas course that is the GCC DE Community of Practice. If you are not in that course, and you would like to be, email All Community of Practice Modules have three parts:

I. Read or Watch something in advance of meeting (in the Canvas course)
II. Discuss in advance of meeting (in the Canvas course)
III. Meet (in the Faculty Innovation Center, SV 105; participation by Zoom welcome)

You will be awarded three hours of GADER for each Module. If you cannot come to the meeting, you can still be awarded two hours of GADER; however, you cannot be awarded GADER for attending the meeting without doing the work in advance.

This spring, lunch will be served at each GADER meeting (see the flyer below for dates). If you would like lunch, please RSVP a minimum of 72 hours in advance at this link:, and indicate whether you would prefer a vegetarian or regular lunch.

I don't want to do the Community of Practice thing. Do you promise there will be more opportunities this Spring?


We 100% promise. They will be sent out to the DE instructors list, and added to this site, as they come up!

There will also be an awesome series of workshops scheduled at GCC in late April and early May in EdTech and Course Design! As mentioned, you may also take a professional development course at @ONE. So, if you cannot participate in the Community of Practice, or it’s not for you, stay tuned for those opportunities, or take advantage of the opportunities at @ONE.


Make it Groovy: Adding Rhythm to Your Course

A one-hour workshop in advanced course design. This workshop will help you create stronger, more engaging navigation in your online courses. Must have basic working knowledge of Canvas. 

Fabiola Torres will offer this same workshop at two different times, both in the Faculty Innovation Center, SV 112.

  • Thursday, April 26, 12:30 - 1:30 PM, SV 112
  • Friday, April 27, 12:45 - 1:45 PM, SV 112

Collaborative and Active Learning in the Online Classroom

A 1.5 hour workshop in using groups in Canvas to put best practices in collaborative and active learning to work in the online classroom. Julie Gamberg offers this workshop as part of the Student Engagement and Success Summit. 

  • Saturday, April 28, 12:45 - 2:00 PM, SV, 2nd Floor. NOTE: This requires conference registration! 

Register Here:

Put 'Em All Together: Peer Review Online

How to engage in effective and regular contact and have your students do all the work! A DE course game-changer! Must have basic working knowledge of Canvas. 

Alexa Schumacher will offer this one-hour workshop in the Faculty Innovation Center, SV 112.

  • Tuesday, May 8, 2:00 PM, SV 112 

Get Gritty with Flipgrid

A one-hour workshop in using the tool Flipgrid to help students maintain grit (persistence) in your online course. Must have basic working knowledge of Canvas. 

Fabiola Torres will offer this same one-hour workshop at two different times, both in the Faculty Innovation Center, SV 112.

  • Wednesday, May 9, 4:00 PM, SV 112
  • Friday, May 11, 12:45 PM, SV 112


THE GCC DE Community of Practice!

DE Community of Practice Flyer (pdf)
GCC DE Community of Practice

DE Community of Practice

Contact Me with Questions!

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Designs DE professional development opportunities; supports faculty in the development of effective online teaching practices, and creates and sustains a DE learning community of practice. Also, maintains DE certified and recertified faculty lists.