Glendale Annual DE recertification

DE Annual Recertification

GADER Requirement (Scroll down for GADER offerings)

  1. Annual GADER (Glendale Annual Distance Education Re-certification) hours are required by DE certified faculty each year before faculty names can be forwarded to the District for scheduling to teach online or hybrid courses.

  2. The Glendale Annual DE Re-certification (GADER) requirement is 6 hours for full-time faculty and 3 hours for part-time faculty.

  3. For the 2019-2020 year, the soft GADER deadline is March 15, 2020. As long as you complete your GADER hours by March 15, 2020, your name will appear in the schedule next to any DE classes you teach. Those who submit GADER by March 15 will have a chance to resubmit if there are any problems with GADER. Like Flex, GADER may be accepted all the way until June 30, 2020, thus the hard GADER deadline is June 30, 2020. If validated GADER hours aren't submitted by June 30, 2020, the appropriate Dean will reassign the instructor's DE classes to a DE instructor with current DE certification.

  4. All GADER also counts as Flex! If it counts as GADER, it will also count as Flex! You are welcome to use your GADER again for Flex, by keeping your own photocopies of your GADER forms for later submission in your Flex packet, if desired. Please note that GADER and Flex deadlines and submissions processes are different. Please see the chart below, or the Flex FAQ page for more details about Flex, and read on to understand more about GADER.

  5. Everything that counts as GADER will be posted here, on this page (scroll down for current offerings)! For further details on GADER, as well as a list of pre-approved GADER activities that can be submitted using our individually planned activity GADER form, please see the GADER policies and procedures page.

  6. There are many opportunities to earn GADER 100% online, including our DE Community of Practice Canvas course. If you are not on campus often, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the various offerings on this page. 

  7. If you have attended GADER outside of GCC, please use this individually planned activity GADER form to provide rationale to the GADER Committee as to why the activity you attended should qualify as GADER (if not a pre-approved GADER activity), and, most importantly, a reflection on your learning from the activity and its usefulness to your DE practice and/or DE at GCC.

  8. If you plan your own GADER, and you would like your activity pre-approved, please see the GADER policies and procedures page.

  9. If you encounter professional development opportunities which offer advanced training in online instruction, please send them to so we may consider adding them to this site.

And, we thought this chart might also be helpful in understanding the differences between GADER and FLEX. 





Flex is professional development that is paid for by the Chancellor’s Office, whose guidelines we must adhere to. These guidelines include how Flex must be reported as well as mandatory reporting dates.

GADER (Glendale Annual Distance Education Recertification) is annual advanced professional development in the pedagogy and practice of online instruction. GADER must be completed each year to maintain DE certification and eligibility to teach online.


Fulltime faculty = 30 hours/year (adjusted with RT)

Adjunct faculty = a percentage of the F-T obligation, adjusted according to this formula.

Fulltime faculty = 6 hours/year

Adjunct faculty = 3 hours/year

Due Date

May 15th of each year (soft)

June 30 of each year (hard)

March 15th of each year (soft)

June 30 of each year (hard)

Submit To

Faculty Development office, or

The Faculty Development Box

Faculty Development office, or 

Individually planned activities may be submitted online with this form.

Use of Excess

Any FLEX hours beyond your obligation may be used during the academic year they are due towards salary units. Eight hours of excess FLEX may be converted into one quarter of a unit for salary advancement.

All GADER hours, as well as any GADER hours beyond your obligation may be submitted toward your FLEX obligation. 


GCC Distance Education Community of Practice and GCC Hosted @ONE Conferences

The Distance Education Community of Practice at GCC is organized within a Canvas course of the same name.

All DE certified faculty have been added to the course. If you do not see the course or your dashboard, contact to be added.

The course has both 100% asynchronous, as well as hybrid opportunities with face-to-face, lunch-included sessions for those who attend both.

The GCC DE Community of Practice (CoP) is a way of deepening the learning that we do together in DE pedagogy and practice, and in deepening the connection between GCC faculty who teach online, as well as connecting us to practitioners around the state. It allows us an opportunity to delve deeply into the Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric, and a variety of effective practices, such as humanizing online education, providing equity in distance education courses, and creating effective course design, as well as the opportunity to improve our teaching and our courses through mutual support. I hope you will participate!

Face to Face Meeting Dates (with RSVP for lunch inside our Canvas Course) only for Faculty who have completed the online portion prior

  • February 14,  12 PM - 1:30 PM2019

  • March 14, 2019, 12 PM - 1:30 PM

GCC Hosted @ONE Online Conferences

GCC will host two online learning conferences a year. These conferences are generally 5-7 hours and GADER is offered for each hour of attendance. Please feel free to drop in at the top of any hour that we are participating. We will always have snacks, ChromeBooks and iPads for use, as well as camaraderie and support. 

We will participate in CCC Digital Learning Day from 9 AM to 5 PM on 2/28/19, with a break from 12 PM - 1 PM.

@ONE Professional Development 

You may take a professional development course at @ONE. These @ONE courses are high quality professional development, and you are strongly encouraged to consider taking one or more courses if you plan to continue teaching online. Your badge for any @ONE four-week course may be used for GADER; however, if you choose to attend a webinar or short workshop through @ONE,  please use this individually planned activity GADER form. There is a calendar of @ONE opportunities at the bottom of this page.

Contact Me With Questions

Julie Gamberg 
Julie Gamberg

Distance Education Faculty Development Coordinator 

(818) 240-1000 x5345

Faculty Innovation Center (SV)

Recertification (GADER) + Course Design + Pedagogy + Community of Practice (CoP)
Designs DE professional development opportunities; supports faculty in the development of effective online teaching practices, and creates and sustains a DE learning community of practice. Maintains the DE Recertified List and oversees DE Glendale Annual Recertification (GADER).


Self-assessment for the OEI rubric (all sections of OEI Rubric)

Rachel Ridgway

  • January 31 (Thursday) 12:30 - 1:30 PM, SV 105

Planning your online or hybrid course for OEI or (future) local reviews (all sections of OEI Rubric)

Kenneth Taira

  • February 7 (Thursday), 12:30 - 1:30 PM, SV 105
  • February 25 (Monday), 12:30 - 1:30 PM, SV 105

Creating meaningful rubrics for strong assessments (Section C of OEI Rubric)

Samantha Garagliano

  • February 26 (Tuesday), 12:30 - 1:30 PM, SV 105
  • March 6 (Wednesday), 12:30 - 1:30 PM, SV 105

Using Canvas metrics and intrusive instructor presence to increase student retention (Section B and C of OEI Rubric)

Kenneth Taira

  • March 7 (Thursday), 2 - 3 PM, SV 105
  • March 14 (Thursday), 2 - 3 PM, SV 105

Designing an awesome home page (Section A of OEI Rubric)

Samantha Garagliano

  • February 19 (Tuesday), 12:30 - 1:30 PM, SV 105

Basics of accessibility in one hour (Section D of OEI Rubric)

Rachel Ridgway

  • CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS March 7 (Thursday), 5 - 6 PM, SV 105