GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.

Distance Education Team

GCC Instructional Designer Katie Datko

Katie Datko 
(818) 240-1000 x3458
Hours: M-F: 8-4

Faculty Innovation Center (SV 112)
24/7 Canvas Help: 833-544-3019

Course Design + Accessibility + Canvas Admin + Instructional Technologies
Leads instructional technology design work and teams that explore, identify, develop and support digital and face-to-face instructional technology solutions that promote student learning; works closely with faculty to improve instructional delivery methods and support the understanding of pedagogical principles of technology-mediated learning.

Distance Education (DE) Coordinator Alexa Schumacher, Ph.DALEXA
(818) 240-1000 x5298
Faculty Innovation Center (SV)

Chairs CoDE + DE Course Approvals + DE Policy + DE Leadership
Provides leadership and guidance of the Distance Education (DE) program as it works to meet the needs of students and faculty while meeting federal and state guidelines. Responsible for the planning, coordination, and growth of instruction in an online environment at Glendale Community College. Organizes and chairs the Academic Senate Committee on Distance Education (CoDE).

Distance Education (DE) Faculty Development Coordinator and DE TrainerSamantha Garagliano
(818) 240-1000 x3529
Faculty Innovation Center (SV)

Recertification (GADER) + Course Design + Pedagogy + Community of Practice (CoP)
Designs DE professional development opportunities; supports faculty in the development of effective online teaching practices, and creates and sustains a DE learning community of practice. Maintains the DE Recertified List and oversees DE Glendale Annual Recertification (GADER) and the DE Mentorship program.

DE Training + Initial Certification + IOTL + Local Peer Reviewer (POCR)
Advertises, organizes, and trains all new faculty for DE Certification through the @ONE adopted/modified Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning course. Provides one-on-one peer reviewing and mentoring to DE Certified faculty completing the Local Peer Online Course Review (POCR) process at GCC.

Assistant Instructional Technology Support Specialist Daniele Ingrao
(818) 240-1000 x3455
Hours: M-Th 2:30-7:30pm
Faculty Innovation Center (SV)
24/7 Canvas Help: 833-544-3019

Faculty Canvas Help + VeriCite + Workshops + Instructional Technologies
Provides technical support for faculty and staff use of new and current instructional technologies within distance education, including but not limited to, Canvas, VeriCite, CCCConfer, Camtasia, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and podcasting. Assists faculty/staff in managing the resolution of technical questions/issues, and the planning and implementation of instructional technology.