Distance Education Faculty Evaluation Process/Matrix

The Faculty Evaluation Process for part-time and full-time distance education faculty is the same as for face-to-face faculty evaluations. However, a Distance Education Matrix is used as a supplement to help identify areas in Canvas that correspond to categories listed in the Classroom Faculty Evaluation Form.

Please note that part-time and full-time faculty who teach both DE and face-to-face classes may elect to have either their DE or face-to-face class evaluated.

Complete the following steps in order to have a DE part-time or full-time faculty member evaluated: 
  • The Division Chair will inform Human Resources of the selected evaluator.
  • Human Resources will provide the evaluator with the Classroom Faculty Evaluation and Distance Education Matrix in order to complete the evaluation.
  • Human Resources or the evaluator will inform the instructor of the impending DE course evaluation and instruct the evaluator to contact the instructor.
  • The instructor and evaluator will discuss an agreed upon 1 week evaluation period for which the evaluator will be in the selected DE course as a student.
  • Once the instructor agrees to the selected evaluator’s timeframe, the evaluator will be enrolled into the course by the instructor (Click on People in Canvas and “+People”, add evaluator as student or observer via GCC email).
  • Once complete, the Classroom Faculty Evaluation and Distance Education Matrix forms will be returned to Human Resources.
  • The evaluator will be taken out of the class by the instructor after 1 week or sooner if the evaluation is completed before the end of the 1 week period.
  • Please see Appendix A: Distance Education Matrix