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GADER Approval and Evaluation Process


Purpose of GADER

GADER (Glendale Annual Distance Education Recertification) is annual advanced professional development in the pedagogy and practice of online instruction. GADER is intended to keep faculty who are already DE trained and certified in online instruction current in established best practices in online teaching. GADER is not software and technology training (e.g. it is not training in the use of Canvas, green screen technology, creating an online course, etc.).

GADER Committee Establishment and Continuation

This GADER Committee will be formed of DE faculty members, including the DE Faculty Development Coordinator, to create and recommend modification to the GADER policy to CoDE and Academic Senate. The GADER Committee will also evaluate GADER hours for the continuation of DE instructor eligibility. In 2018, the formation and approval of the GADER Committee occurred during the April CoDE meeting.

The GADER Committee will evaluate GADER hours based on an approved list of appropriate trainings/workshops that are included in the DE Handbook. This GADER Approved List and the ­­Glendale Annual Distance Education Recertification (GADER) Approval and Evaluation Process will be updated annually in the DE Handbook within one week of the GADER deadline. The update will take effect after the first CoDE and then Senate meeting following the GADER deadline. Following the approved update, faculty may start accruing GADER for the upcoming year; however, faculty planning to reuse GADER for Flex are advised that Flex accrued before July 1 is not accepted for the following year.

GADER Obligations and Due Dates

DE Certified faculty are obligated to complete six hours of GADER if full-time, and three hours of GADER if part-time, annually, to retain their DE certification.

In 2018, the due date for GADER was May 16, 2018. Moving forward, the due date for GADER will be March 15 (e.g. March 15, 2019), so that division chairs will have notice of any non-qualified DE faculty prior to the final fall rollover. Note: since there is currently no GADER Approved List for the May 16, 2018 due date, the GADER Committee will accept GADER hours that were previously accepted by the past Distance Education Coordinator.

Special Circumstances

  • Since GADER is a recertification requirement, the expectation is that it will be maintained annually regardless of semester-by-semester assignment. Faculty who are on leave for one or more years may submit a request an exception to the GADER Committee by having their division chair email the GADER Committee Chair, or DE Faculty Development Coordinator, directly, with said request.
  • Requisite GADER hours must be completed by March 15th of each year, and submitted to the DEFDC for approval, in order to maintain eligibility.
  • If a faculty member does not earn any GADER for three consecutive years, the faculty member will need to complete the GCC Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning (IOTL) course in order to re-establish DE instructor eligibility at GCC.
  • If a faculty member would like to pursue a professional development opportunity which is not on the GADER Approved List, and which she or he believes should count as GADER, please use the GADER Individually Planned Activity Form. For prior approval of the activity, send the name, date, hours, a brief description of what the training consists of, and a rationale about why the training meets the requirements for GADER, to the DE Faculty Development Coordinator ( a minimum of one week in advance of the professional development opportunity, during the fall and spring sessions only, with the subject line “Alternative GADER Request” for a prompt response. If the professional development opportunity clearly fits the GADER guidelines, it may be approved by a minimum of two members of the committee. Otherwise, it needs to be brought to the entire committee, and be approved by a majority vote. This may take place virtually, including over email. The committee will make every attempt to get back to the faculty member in advance of the professional development opportunity.
  • All planned GADER activities occurring between 3-15-18 and 6-30-18 must be submitted by 6-30-18 to the DEFDC. Materials submitted after 3-15-18 cannot be modified to address any shortcomings in the submission.

GADER Approved List

  • Any offering on the GADER webpage
  • The Glendale College Distance Education Community of Practice (GCC DE CoP)
  • The @ONE Course Design Academy
  • Any @ONE instructor-led course, with the exception of Introduction to Teaching with Canvas.
  • ADA/508 DE Compliance Workshops

Examples of individual projects accepted with GADER Form

  • @ONE Webinars
  • Relevant conference sessions from The Online Teaching Conference
  • Relevant conference sessions from DET/CHE
  • Relevant conference sessions from CanvasCon
  • Relevant CCCO offerings
  • Other recognized programs offering advanced training in online teaching

Examples of activities not approved for GADER (but may be approved for FLEX)

  • courses
  • Watching and writing about TED Talks
  • Creating online courses
  • Canvas workshops
  • OER workshops
  • Meetings about online teaching
  • CoDE meetings