Distance Education Course Requirements

Title 5 Requirement: §55202. Course Quality Standards

The same standards of course quality shall be applied to any portion of a class conducted through distance education as are applied to in-person classes, in regard to the course quality judgment made pursuant to the requirements of section 55002, and in regard to any local course quality determination or review process. Determinations and judgments about the quality of distance education under the course quality standards shall be made with the full involvement of faculty in accordance with the provisions of subchapter 2 (commencing with section 53200) of chapter 2.

In sum, notwithstanding some modifications in assignment delivery, distant education classes and in-person classes are the same in rigor, quality, and content; therefore, making them equal. Students deserve the same quality education, whether in the distant education format or in-person format. 

Definitions and Ticket Notes Approved by CoDE and the Academic Senate: 

Help for Newly DE Certified Faculty at GCC:

GCC Distance Education (DE - Hybrid/Online) Course Requirements: 

There are currently Six DE Requirements (approved by CoDEAcademic Senate and/or State and Federal Guidelines) that must be in a Distant Education (DE) course by way of the Welcome Letter, Syllabus, Policy Page, or Modules in Canvas.

  • Mandatory DE Requirements

    • 1. Hybrid/Online DE Welcome Letter

    • 2. DE Check-In Assignment to Establish Attendance

    • 3. DE Instructional Practice/Synchronous Office Hours

    • 4. Regular and Effective Contact/Quick Guide

    • 5. DE Drop/Attendance/Participation Policies

    • 6. Federal ADA/508 Compliance Policies


If you should have any questions regarding DE Policy or Procedure, please contact the DE Coordinator:

Alexa Schumacher

Prof. Alexa Schumacher, Ph.D.
(818) 240-1000 x5298
Faculty Innovation Center (SV112)

New DE Course Approvals + CoDE + Policy + Procedure + DE @ONE Faculty Trainer

Provides leadership and guidance of the Distance Education (DE) program as it works to meet the needs of students and faculty while meeting federal and state guidelines. Responsible for the planning, coordination, and growth of instruction in an online environment at Glendale Community College. Organizes and chairs the Academic Senate Committee on Distance Education (CoDE).