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Register for the @ONE DE Certification Course - IOTL!

GCC is proud to offer Faculty free DE Certification in partnership with @ONE Train-the Trainer Program

Great teaching can happen anywhere, but teaching online requires different skills, strategies, and tools than in a traditional face-to-face classroom.

In this 6-week course, fully-online course, you will gain proficiency in the unique qualities and perspectives of masterful online teaching, including powerful ways to support the success of online students, how to lay a foundation for a productive learning community, and infusing your course with your distinctive presence.

We'll walk you through the pertinent federal, state, and local regulations impacting online teaching, and set you on a path to designing success for you and your students!


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  • Identify and discuss federal and state regulations that impact online course policy and practice

  • Identify local support for online teachers and learners

  • Design introductory activities that support an online learning community

  • Develop clear and supportive online course policies 
  • Your Role in IOTL: The Student and the Teacher: Throughout the IOTL course, you will wear two hats -- the student taking Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning and the instructor of your own course. As you move through each module, we want you to immerse yourself in Canvas and online education from the perspective of an online student, then apply that experience to your own class. This will offer invaluable insights into how it feels to be an online student, developing empathy for your learners and your growth as an online instructor.

  • Earn DE Certification and become DE eligible for course scheduling

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Do you know how to do the following in Canvas as an Instructor?

  • Customize your Canvas profile and notification preferences to fit your needs
  • Create and archive announcements to keep your students engaged and updated
  • Develop modules to organize your content most effectively
  • Design a welcoming, impactful home page, welcome letter, and syllabus
  • Set up a discussion, quiz, and/or assignment exactly the way you want
  • Use a variety of communication tools to streamline contact with students
  • Know how to collaborate, copy, and share materials in Canvas
  • Use the SpeedGrader tool to make grading fast and easy

If not, please complete the Growing with Canvas @GCC Before Registering for IOTL. 



*Please register for only one section below. 


August 10 - September 21


August 24 - October 5 


September 14 - October 26 


September 21 - November 2 

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September 28 - November 9 

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How to Check Registration Status

Note: If you have attempted IOTL twice before, you will be required to complete "Growing with Canvas" prior to your third attempt.

If you are a current GCC faculty member and you do not have a Canvas Account, please email Mark Ragonig.


If you have any questions, please email the DE Faculty Trainer:
Samantha Garagliano