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GCC is proud to offer Faculty free, in-house, DE Certification in partnership with the @ONE Teach-the-Teacher Training Program

Great teaching can happen anywhere, but teaching online requires different skills, strategies, and tools than in a traditional face-to-face classroom. In this 4-week course, fully-online course, you will gain proficiency in the unique qualities and perspectives of masterful online teaching, including powerful ways to support the success of online students, how to lay a foundation for a productive learning community, and infusing your course with your distinctive presence. We'll walk you through the pertinent federal, state, and local regulations impacting online teaching, and set you on a path to designing success for you and your students!

Outcomes - by the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss federal and state regulations that impact online course policy and practice;
  • Identify local support for online teachers and learners;
  • Design introductory activities that support an online learning community;
  • Develop clear and supportive online course policies.


Is Compensation Offered?

  • Upon successful completion of IOTL, you will receive a Completion Badge, which can earn you:
    • 40 hours of Flex Credit OR a 1.25 Step-In-Column Raise
    • Full Obligation of GADER for the first year
    • Distance Education Instructor Eligibility (for DE course assignment) 


IOTL Drop and Retake Policy

IOTL participants and the facilitator are all busy teachers! This drop and retake policy has been developed to help as many people take and complete IOTL as possible.

  • Instructors who have registered for IOTL but do not join the course by the end of the third day (Wednesday) will be recorded as no-shows, and their space will be given to an instructor on the wait-list.  
  • Instructors who have registered for but not successfully completed IOTC twice will lose priority registration (if eligible) and will be contacted by the @ONE Trainer with recommendations for additional training before attempting IOTL a third and final time. No-shows and drops are included in this count.  


What Can I Do NOW to Prepare for IOTL?

  1. It is highly recommended that you take the FREE Self-Paced "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas" course through @ONE. For fast answers or to broaden your Canvas knowledge, this is a great course that should be completed before (or during) the IOTL course if your Canvas knowledge is limited. You will have a much better experience in the IOTL course if you complete this free self-paced Canvas course through @ONE first!
  2. Take other Workshops and Training offered through the Distance Education Community of Practice:
  3. Read the Distance Education Handbook and review GCC DE Policies and Procedures to get up to speed on current requirements, such as Online Attendance Policies, Syllabus Statements, and Regular and Effective Contact.
  4. Block out time for IOTL. This is a rigorous, interactive, professional development course with multiple due dates each week. You will be applying what you learn while building a course in Canvas, and this takes time. Please plan accordingly so that time limitations do not prevent you from reaching your goals. It is estimated that this course will take 40 hours to complete; however, this time-commitment will vary depending on your Canvas knowledge and understanding of DE course design principles, effective practices, and policies.
  5. Enroll in @ONE’s Introduction to Teaching with Canvas for FREE! This 4-week course will provide instruction and feedback for a variety of tools and teaching activities in Canvas.


Are You Ready?

Sections fill quickly! Each section can accommodate 30 participants!

Schedule of Classes:

Fall 2019 Session - September 30 to October 28, 2019 (WAITLIST FULL)

Fall 2019 Session - October 7 to November 4, 2019 (FULL)
Please email Julie Gamberg ( if you wish to be added to this Waitlist

Once you self-enroll, you will NOT see your IOTL course on your GCC Canvas Dashboard until the Friday before the start date. But, you can always click on “Courses>All Courses>Future Enrollments” in Canvas and you will see this IOTL added to your account. 

Note: If you are a current GCC faculty member and you do not have a Canvas Account, please email Mark Ragonig:


You will receive a GCC email account reminder two weeks before your course begins, and a Welcome Letter the Friday before your IOTL course begins explaining how to log into Canvas, course details and expectations, required Check-In Assignment details to establish attendance, drop/attendance/participation requirements, and instructor contact information.

Please remember that IOTL is NOT an “Introduction on how to use Canvas”. Please download the FREE Self-Paced "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas" course through @ONE for a thorough review before IOTL begins (if needed).

If you have any questions, please email the @ONE DE Faculty Trainer, Prof. Alexa Schumacher, at