Proctored Online Courses (POC)

DE Course Description Added:

Proctored Online Courses (POC): Assignments and examinations in a Proctored Online Course will be submitted in an asynchronous manner, but you will be required to take tests at a proctoring facility. Your instructor will provide proctoring accommodations at GCC. Off-site proctoring services could be available at the discretion of the instructor.

Proposed Ticket Note:

NOTE: PROCTORED ONLINE CLASS— For information on what is required of you when taking an online course visit: example: Face-to-face exams will convene on x from x to x. Real-time (synchronous) learning is required on x from x to x). Students must review the instructor generated Welcome Letter via GCC email and complete the Course Check-In Assignment described in the Welcome Letter by Sunday at 11:59pm to not be dropped from the course. Students should possess basic computer skills and have access to the Internet, either from home or from the computer labs on-campus. This course requires reading, writing, engaging in frequent online activities, and weekly assignment deadlines. Instructor: xxx;