Release Time for Design Academy Guidelines

Instructors interested will notify the Dean of Library and Learning Support Services regarding their interest in participating in the Design Academy for Release Time (RT). This Release time will be granted to complete the Design Academy and create an Online Education Initiative (OEI) course approved for use in the Course Exchange.  Release Time for the Design Academy is meant to provide Faculty with the necessary time to go through the process developed by the Design Academy for approving an instructor and course to be offered on the OEI Course Exchange. This will not be offered as overload. 

The following criteria will be considered in approving RT for the DA: 

1. Instructors must:

a. Be DE certified at GCC and DE instruction eligible

b. Have taught the course in question as an asynchronous fully-online course at GCC for 1> semester

c. Propose a course that is GETSI/Cal-state transferable/C-ID or Non-C-ID and that could apply towards a fully online Certificate and/or AA/AS degree at GCC

2. It is recommended that instructors attempt to align their course with the OEI Rubric prior to requesting RT for the DA. Completing the Design Academy may be difficult if the course is not somewhat aligned with the OEI Rubric in advance.  It is expected that Instructors will meet all requirements of the DA during the semester of Release Time.

a. Flex/GADER can be offered prior to submitting a request to help start this alignment process – OEI Rubric workshops are recommended

b. DE faculty and staff can provide assistance in aligning the course upon a request from the instructor

3. Instructors must understand that the release time opportunity of 20% is for:

a. One term only to approve one fully-online class through the DA for possible inclusion in the OEI Course Exchange

b. The approved DA class will be eligible to run during the first GCC OEI opportunity

c. Only one term per course is granted to complete the DA and complete an approved OEI Rubric Aligned course (OEI Ready)

4. Instructor must notify the Dean of Library and Learning Support Services when the DA approves their OEI Aligned Course by sending the DA Badge or Certificate via email so that this information can be noted.

a. RT will not be approved for an additional DA course submission/term until documentation is received and verified for the current DA course

b. DA approved course may run in the OEI at a mutually agreed upon time

Requests must be received and approved during the term prior to the term for which RT is being requested. Three opportunities will be available to adjunct faculty per semester.

  • Please email Eric Hanson, Dean of Library, at and cc Alexa Schumacher at and Julie Gamberg at to request RT for the Design Academy.