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Participating in the Course Design Academy in 1-2-3 (4-5-6)!

Thank you for your interest in the Course Design Academy Review Process so your course can be made available to students in the CVC-OEI. 

The OEI Design Academy is a free, online professional development program for full and part-time California Community College faculty teaching online. The Design Academy combines Peer Online Course Review (POCR) with the benefits of one-on-one support from an instructional designer and hands-on assistance from an Accessibility Specialist.

As a participant in the Course Design Academy, you will receive:

  • A Quality Reviewed “Badge” for your course that will help it rise to the top of the student search results in the (FFO)!
  • Confidential feedback and course design recommendations from fellow online faculty through Peer Online Course Review.
  • Support from an Instructional Designer to assist you in applying your feedback and getting the most from your course.
  • Hands-on assistance, as needed, from Accessibility Specialists to make your course fully 508 compliant!
  • The satisfaction of teaching a course that has met the CVC-OEI’s highest level of design standards of quality and accessibility to support online student success!

Who is Eligible? This option is for any GCC Novice DE Certified faculty seeking first-time course alignment to the OEI Course Design Rubric in order to earn a “Quality Reviewed” Badge. Prior knowledge of the OEI Rubric is not expected. DE faculty will have to engage is some pre-alignment to the OEI Course Design Rubric before submission.

Description: This is a hands-on process with lots of support from the OEI Design Academy Team. There is no start or finish date - it is self-paced, but the process takes about 12-16 weeks to complete. After a “Quality Reviewed” Badge is earned, 32 hours of Flex will be awarded by the GCC Lead POCR.

DE OEI Design Academy

We have created this checklist below to help you prepare your course for a timely and helpful review from the OEI Design Academy.

Follow these 1-2-3 (4-5-6)! Steps to Participate in the Course Design Academy.

    • Step 3 Get Submitted: When you complete Step 2, contact the GCC POCR Lead (Alexa Schumacher;
    • After submission: You will be contacted by the CVC-OEI with confirmation that your course was submitted for review. Within two-four weeks, you should then receive confirmation that your course was assigned to a Lead Reviewer and Accessibility Specialist (ACE) to begin the Design Academy process. The entire Design Academy process ranges from 12-16 weeks - depending on your course and your time availability to work with your Lead Reviewer and ACE. 
    • Steps 4 and 5: Work with the Design Academy and stay in touch with the GCC POCR Lead (Alexa Schumacher;
    • Step 6 Get Badged: Contact the GCC POCR Lead (Alexa Schumacher; when you are Badged!

    If you have more questions, DE Coordinator and POCR Lead, Alexa Schumacher, will be your main contact at GCC: