Design Academy Course Submission Instructions

 CVC-OEI Course Design Academy Review Checklist

Thank you for your interest in the Course Design Academy Review Process so your course can be made available to students in the CVC-OEI.

We have created this checklist to help you prepare your course for a timely and helpful review from the CVC-OEI.

  • Contact Connie Lantz,, or Mark Ragonig,, to make a copy of the most up-to-date version of your course in Canvas and name it using this convention:
    • MasterShell_LocalCourseID_LastName
      (Example: MasterShell_MATH101_Bell)
    • At this time, we do not review live courses with students enrolled.


  • Be sure to Publish:
    • The course.
    • All instructional content in the course (e.g. modules, pages, assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc.).
    • The Reviewers will be looking at your course from a student perspective, so anything you would make available to students should be available to the Reviewers.


  • Create a separate folder in your Files area called “Accessibility” and add any files/documents—Word, PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel—that are currently being used in your course (so we can check for accessibility). Do not include images in the folder, only files.


  • Designate a Home Page in the Master Shell.


  • Add the welcome letter/email you normally send to students to the Announcements OR placed it in a welcome module where the review team can find it.


  • Include all, or at least a sampling, of your announcements for the review team.


  • Include your plan for instructor-initiated contact (Rubric item B2) in the syllabus and/or as a note to the review team.




  • You are ready for Review! You will be contacted by the CVC-OEI with confirmation that your course was submitted for review. Within two weeks, you should then receive confirmation that your course was assigned to a Lead Reviewer to begin the Design Academy process. The entire Design Academy process ranges from 4-12 weeks - depending on your course and your time availability to work with your Lead Reviewer. 


  • If you have more questions, DE Coordinator - Alexa Schumacher, will be your main contact at GCC: