Are You Ready for an online class?

Are You Ready for an Online Class? (pdf)

One Enough Time Do you have enough time to commit to an online class in order to be successful?
Online classes can actually take more time weekly than face-to-face classes.
Two Real Focus Do you have enough discipline and determination to succeed in an online course?
An online course requires you to take more responsibility for your progress than face-to-face classes.
Three Benefits Do the benefits of taking an online course outweigh those of taking a face-to-face course?
Accessibility and convenience are major pros in online learning!
Four Technology Do you have basic computer skills to troubleshoot minor computer problems?
You must have access to a reliable computer with high-speed Internet
Five Communication Do you have good writing and communication skills?
Nearly all communication is written, so it is critical that you feel comfortable expressing yourself in writing.
Six Freedom Is your learning style compatible with an online course?
No one is looking over your shoulder or presenting material which fosters independence!

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