Welcome Letter Template

Gcc Welcome Letter Banner

[Post a copy of the Welcome Letter that you send to your students here. The content on this page is a guide/template that you can adapt/adopt and use as you wish.]

Welcome Students!

[Insert a few sentences here that welcome the students to your class, introduce the course briefly and introduce yourself. It’s also a nice idea to embed a short, close-captioned, Welcome Video here.]

About This Course

This is a [insert the number of units] course, which means that you should expect to spend about [insert number of expected hours of work online] hours per week reading, doing assignments and interacting with other students.

  • This course is 100% Online/Hybrid with on-campus meetings: We will not meet on-campus for any reason/We will be meeting on-campus on X days at X time at X location. 
  • This course will officially begin on X and ends on X.
  • This is a X-week asynchronous course with synchronous office hours: I will hold weekly online synchronous office hours through Chat or Zoom in Canvas on X day from X-X time. 


[This is a good place to list the materials needed for the course and link to the online bookstore.]

Accessing This Course

LMS – Canvas

  • You will be using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) for your Online Learning Environment. 
  • Contact me, XYZ, immediately if you are unable to log-in for any reason:  xyzx@glendale.edu

How to Log into your Class

  • Your class will be accessible in Canvas starting on the first day of the term. You will not be able to access your course in Canvas before this date unless otherwise notified by the instructor.
  • Go on Canvas Log-in– Notice the help materials that available below the log-in sign. 
  • Use your GCC Student ID number as Username; use your initials in caps followed by @ followed by your six-digit date of birth (mmddyy) as the password - for example, the password for John Smith born January 23, 1990, would be JS@012390. You will be asked to change your password the first time you log-in.
  • You should now see your class on your Canvas Dashboard for access.

Student Technical Support

  • Go to Student Tech Support if you are having Canvas tech issues.
  • Student Canvas Questions ONLY: 24/7 Assistance at 1-844-600-4951.
  • Student Support through Live Chat.

Getting Started

Once you’ve entered the class please complete the following:

  • Read the Course Syllabus.
  • Complete the Course Check-In Assignment by [insert date] 11:59 PM PST. Failure to complete by the due date will result in your being dropped from the course.
  • Complete the Introduction/Getting Started Module by [insert date] 11:59 PM PST.

Additional Resources/Links

Help with Online Learning

  • If you are new to online learning or overwhelmed or confused, all the help you need is under the Get Started icon on the Student GCC DE page.
  • Are you new to Canvas? Here is a short Canvas Tour.
  • Want to better prepare for the online environment, review this Tips for Online Success.


Please let me know if you have adaptive software and hardware to assist you with taking this course or if you have any specific needs of which I should be aware. You can find more information about Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) or call the office at 818-240-1000 x5905.


If you have any general questions about this class, you can contact me through your Canvas Inbox. I will respond to you within [insert #of hours] hours of receipt of your message. If you are having problems getting into your course, please contact me at [insert GCC email address] or by phone at [insert phone number if applicable].

[Insert closing like Sincerely/Best/Welcome, etc.]

[Insert Name]