BOG Fee Waiver

The Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver is a California Community Colleges financial aid program for California residents that waives the enrollment fees for students. Any student enrolled for any number of units who meets the BOG criteria may receive a BOG. You only need to apply once each academic year. The application covers the semester you apply and any subsequent semesters in the school year. You may complete the GCC BOG Application form to determine if you qualify for BOG A or BOG B. If you do not qualify for BOG A or BOG B, the Financial Aid Office can use the results of your FAFSA to determine if you qualify for BOG C. 


BOG A is awarded when the student or the student's parent receives TANF/CalWorks, SSI or General Relief benefits. You must provide a copy of a current benefit check or notification of eligibility. Students who qualify for BOG A also are eligible for a discount on campus parking and their Health fee.

  • BOG B is based on state mandated income ceilings.
  • BOG C is available to students who do not meet the criteria for BOG A or BOG B. All students who demonstrate at least $1104 of financial need after filing the FAFSA form can be awarded a BOG C. You must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for BOG C consideration.

For information regarding Loss of BOG Fee Waiver click here.