Additional Scholarship Sources

Scholarship Hunter

Scholarship Hunter
Scholarship Hunter has listings of many varied scholarships available for college and college bound students.

The College Board

The College Board
The College Board offers a FREE scholarship search through its website.
The mission of is to assist students in obtaining scholarships for college and help them explore the many financial aid opportunities available to students as well as parents. We provide an online resource that delivers the information and tools required to understand financial aid and make well-informed choices- all at no charge.

Find Tuition

Find Tuition
Find Tuition is a subscription based scholarship search service that allows users to search and manage scholarship opportunities. Users can search for national awards, school sponsored awards, athletic awards and all state and federal sponsored financial aid programs. Find Tuition is a division of Careerbuilder Inc. (, the nation’s leading recruitment resource, with a large presence on the internet and in more than 130 local newspapers.


FastWeb, the Internet's leading scholarship search service, helps students in choosing a college, paying for college, and finding jobs and internships.

College Toolkit

College Toolkit's One-Stop College & Scholarship Resource allows students to find and apply for scholarships, search through a database of more than 4,000 colleges, and explore 900 careers all in one location. It is one of the most comprehensive sites for life after high school... and everything on the site is free for students to use!

Broke Scholar's

Scholarship Directory has $1.6 million worth of
scholarships and is quickly growing. It is a free scholarship directory
and requires no registration. Students can search for scholarships in multiple
ways including keywords, courses, deadline, courses, who it is open to and
the scholarship amount.


AllScholar is a free scholarship search resource for students, parents, and educators. AllScholar's free scholarship search tool offers simple, concise, and easy scholarship searches.

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae – College Answer
College Answer, offered by Sallie Mae, is a general purpose college planning website with a FREE scholarship search function.

  AC Online 
This website is the Online Guide to Accredited Colleges & Universities
  American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants. Awards 
This website provides a wide range or grants, scholarships and awards with the aim of advancing the science and practice of psychology.
  Scholarship Guide for Women
 This webpage can be used as a resource for women to help them find scholarships in an effort to help women achieve success in college and beyond.
  Scholarship for Minority Students Resources
  This is a website to help students search for scholarship opportunities. Scholarship Database 
This is a website to help students search for scholarship opportunities.
  Scholarship Guide for Black Students 
This is a resource website for scholarships for Black Students.
  Scholarship Guide for Hispanic Students
 This is a resource website for scholarships for Hispanic Students.
  Scholarship Guide for Asian-American Students 
This is a resource website for scholarships for Asian-American students.
  Scholarship Resources for Single Mothers and Fathers 
This website lists resources for scholarships available for single mothers and fathers.
  Scholarship Resources Website for Women in Computer Science 
This website offers resources for scholarships for women in computer sciences.
  Enhanced Insurance Scholarship Links
 This website contains a list of scholarship resources.
  Scholarship Resources for Nursing Students 
This website lists scholarships available for Nursing students.
  Medical Assistant Scholarships Resource Website
  This website provides resources for Medical Assistant Scholarships you can apply to.
  Scholarships and Financial Aid for Women 
This is a resource for scholarships for women.
  Financial Aid Resource for Students with Disabilities
 This is a scholarship resource for students with disabilities.
  Scholarship Search Engine
 An interactive searchable database listing over
23,000 financial aid programs.

Scholarship Opportunities for Nursing Students

This is a resource of 80 scholarships for nursing students.  


Scholarship Opportunities for Women

This website provides over 130 scholarships available for women based on field of study, award amount and need-based aid.